Wooclap: An Interactive Tool To Boost Student Engagement and Make Learning Awesome

Wooclap: An Exceptional Tool That Makes Learning Awesome

Every teacher tries to make his/her class as engaging, interactive and interesting as possible. However, many just can’t or are not able to make this happen.

Captivating the learners is one of the greatest challenges for almost every teacher across the world. No matter how much they try to, most teachers just can’t captivate the students enough to make his/her class as lively and engaging as he/she likes to. On the other hand, at times, certain students are simply not interested or get bored and can’t concentrate in the class. Well, all these classroom issues are going to be a thing of the past now, all thanks to technology.

While many schools/colleges around the world don’t allow students to bring or use mobile phones in the class/school, a company has turned smartphones into an exceptional learning tool. Wooclap has developed an interactive platform to boost class interactions and measure the understanding of students, in real-time, through the use of smartphones. Yes, you read that right!

So what is all about Wooclap?

Wooclap is an interactive platform used by thousands of teachers to boost student engagement in class through the use of smartphones. It is built on the latest cognitive science discoveries and studies of different pedagogical practices in order to maximize information retention and enhance impact of learning in a face-to-face course. A fruit of the collaboration with neuroscientists, educational engineers and professors, Wooclap has the particularity to interconnect with Moodle, PowerPoint and other platforms used by teachers.

How Wooclap works to make learning awesome for students?

To learn, one has to be attentive. However, students’ attention drops drastically when they passively listen in class. So, teachers use Wooclap to get the students to actively participate in the class, by asking them to answer questions from time to time.

Wooclap uses simple ways to make learning awesome for students. It allows teachers to create interactive questions (polls, rating, fill in the blanks, matching, sorting, guess a number, prioritization, word cloud, find on image, open questions, multiple choice questions, .... more than 14 types of interactive questions). Students answer these questions via their smartphones, tablets or computer. The results are then displayed live on the presentation screen of the teacher. This way, the platform helps boost student engagement in the class.

What benefits Wooclap serves to teachers and trainers?

Wooclap serves the following benefits:

  1. Wooclap helps teachers vary their pedagogical practices in class.
  2. It helps teacher engage students during the class and make them put into practice the content covered directly in class.
  3. Teachers are able to assess the level of understanding of their students and improve the overall learning and teaching experience by making both more effective.
  4. Wooclap helps teachers and trainers to boost their lectures and conferences, measure the understanding of their audience, stimulate participation and motivate audience, and improve learning and collaboration.

What more? Wooclap is absolutely free and unlimited for K12 teachers and educators. The app is accessible via all platforms and devices including iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop.

You can enjoy the free trial to the unlimited features by creating your own account via this link: https://app.wooclap.com/auth/register/K12.

You can also take a watch of the demo video below:


Captivating learners is the greatest challenge for teachers and trainers everywhere across the world. However, with Wooclap, they can turn around the challenge and improve the overall teaching and learning experience, all through the use of a smartphone. Wooclap is indeed an amazing tool that makes learning awesome.

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