Education Walkthrough: An All-in-One Tool for Administrators to Evaluate Teacher Performance

Education Walkthrough: An All-in-One Tool for Administrators to Evaluate Teacher Performance

Every school tries to make their teachers as effective as they can to give students the best that they deserve. Any school that ensures that is a great school. But what is most important for schools to ensure this is, that’s what students require and that’s what they go to school for.

But how do schools know or ensure that their teachers are effective enough and are doing great job in what they do? How do they evaluate their performance and ensure that they are effective enough? There’s barely any tool or mechanism out there in the market to measure that. Well, this is what exactly Education Walkthrough is trying to address.

So what is Education Walkthrough?

Education Walkthrough is an all-in-one tool for administrators to quickly and efficiently observe, evaluate, and document teacher effectiveness. The tool has been developed to streamline the observation process and provide immediate and actionable feedback to teachers. From custom templates to reporting, Education Walkthrough helps schools and districts bring their evaluations together in one simple and easy-to-use app.

Education Walkthrough provides a simple, user-friendly experience for administrators to manage and use daily for quick, informal observations or walkthroughs. It keeps reports organized by: teachers, department, class, grade, and date. Administrators can quickly see all completed reports, including easy search capability to find specific teacher.

Benefits Education Walkthrough provides include:

  • Education Walkthrough allows administrators to evaluate from anywhere
  • It’s easy to evaluate in an instant and provide valuable feedback
  • The tool is flexible and stores everything in a single and easy-to-use app
  • It can be used on a single device or multiple devices. With cloud storage, data is securely stored and available across devices.
  • Education Walkthrough keeps administrators and their colleagues on the same page.
  • Teachers can benefit from having structured reports; giving a clear understanding of the areas to improve upon.
  • If administrators have premium version, teachers can benefit from supplemental photos and videos of their instruction, with additional comments describing their performance.

Education Walkthrough is mostly used by administrators to evaluate teacher performance, but it can also be used by other teachers, instructional coaches, and mentors to observe and evaluate instructions as well as share feedback.

Pricing model and price of Education Walkthrough

Education Walkthrough follows a freemium model. For individual users, the app is absolutely free to use. But for schools and districts, the app is $30/month or $360/year with premium features such as sharing templates and teachers across the district as well as adding photo and video evidence to evaluations.

You can see how Education Walkthrough works and the benefits it could bring to your school and district in the video below: You can also access to free trial; Education Walkthrough can provide you a premium account to use as well as to test out all the features.



You can download Education Walkthrough app and start using it in your school to start improving instruction right away. To know how to use the app, you can see the training videos.

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