Speak Assessment: Effective Spoken English Testing Tool for Ed Institutions and Corporate

Speak Assessment: The Most Effective Spoken English Testing Solution for Education and Business

Effective English communication is a key to both education and business. Well, this is all the more so with the increasing globalization of the world economy.

Everywhere and in every field, and more than ever, students and professionals are required to be proficient in English, being the leading language of international discourse. But what happen when majority of the world population are non native English speakers? How do schools/institutions test the English language proficiency of students at the time of admission to any educational program? And, how do companies or businesses screen candidates’ English language proficiency before hiring them? This is what exactly Speak aims to help address by providing a language testing tool designed to meet the needs of both educational institutions and corporate. The tool is called Speak Assessment.

So what is Speak Assessment all about?

The Speak Assessment is a computerized automated test that analyzes natural spoken English and provides an accurate profile of a student or job candidate’s language skills. It is an effective test of spoken English today and the only test of spoken English proficiency aligned to the CEFR – the most widely recognized standard of language assessment.

Speak combines cutting-edge technologies, such as natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and advanced linguistics research to give a fair, accurate and affordable spoken English assessment using readily available equipment. Speak designed its testing solution to match both education and business needs. Staff recruiters, call centers, corporations, and universities across the world use Speak Assessment as a tool for screening students and job candidates’ English language proficiency.

Benefits of Speak Assessment include:

  • Speak Assessment increases entry to skilled jobs and provides corporate and educational institutions with a tool for screening candidates’ English language proficiency, developing capacity to compete worldwide.
  • The test provides an accurate and reliable measurement of spoken English proficiency aligned with an internationally recognized proficiency scale – the CEFR.
  • Speak’s unique validation methods ensure the results show the test taker’s real abilities.
  • It is flexible and convenient. Applicants can take the test wherever and whenever they want from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • The test taker is assessed on the five most informative areas of language competence: Grammar, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Fluency.
  • With low cost of its test, it can be used to assess a large pool of applicants at once.
  • The test combines cutting-edge technology and expert linguistic research to give fair, accurate, and affordable spoken English assessment.
  • Speak Assessment increases access to work and educational opportunities.

Usability of Speak Assessment

The Speak Assessment is suitable for pre-employment screening, for assessing levels of spoken English language prior to acceptance into an educational program, for admissions to English language programs, placement, or as a post-test for assessing learning progress.

Pricing model and price of Speak Assessment

For enterprises and universities – Price per month billed annually

Basic – $600, 50 exams, $12 per assessment

Standard – $1,100, 100 exams, $11 per assessment

Pro – $2,000, 200 exams, $10 per assessment

Enterprise – $4,000, 500 exams, $9 per exam

For staffing and assessment companies – Price per month billed annually

Basic – $4,000, 500 exams, $9 per exam

Standard – $7,000, 1000 exams, $7 per exam

Pro – $10,000, 2000 exams, $5 per exam

Enterprise – $15,000, 5000 exams, $3 per exam

Speak Assessment can be used on all platforms – iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop. You can watch the ‘How to use it’ training video below:


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Author: Stephen Soulunii
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