EmpowerU: Improving Quality of Education by Redefining the Ways Educational Institutions are Managed

EmpowerU: Improving Quality of Education by Redefining the Ways Educational Institutions are Managed

How educational institutions are run or managed have significant impacts on the quality of education and on the lives of the learners.

Here is one company that aims to transform the system by redefining the ways educational institutions are managed to improve the quality of education and change the lives of millions of people.

EmpowerU is a Technology and Analytics company that develops smart and unique solutions to the most difficult and real-life problems. It provides education-centric solution that improves the quality of education by redefining the ways educational institutions are managed. EmpowerU harnesses the power of technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics to bring together all stakeholders in a single platform and solve the most pressing challenges in the system systematically to improve the quality of government schools and higher educational institutions.

Operated by Promorph Solutions Pvt. Ltd., EmpowerU’s team consists of highly passionate and enthusiastic researchers and practitioners from IIT Kanpur and other top universities that empower government and non-government organizations to improve the lives of millions of people by solving problems at the grassroot level. Its application facilitates automation, monitoring and analysis of different parameters in an institution. The embedded analytical capabilities generate insights and help in achieving good governance, quality education, cost effective operations, efficient time utilization and revenue generation.

Benefits of EmpowerU

EmpowerU provides government schools real-time monitoring solution on attendance, performance, Mid Day meal and drinking water, assets and leave management, and empowers higher education administrators to improve governance and quality of educations. It ensures inclusive operations by connecting all stakeholders at one platform by channelizing multiple administrative activities in a dedicated interface. EmpowerU provides the following benefits:

  • Empowers state/district level decision-makers by facilitating data-driven decision making
  • Quick grievance redressal
  • Identify and resolve critical issues all over the state
  • Recommends actions
  • Online transfer posting of teachers
  • For teachers – entitlement, grievance redressal, need-based assessment and personalized learning pathway, teacher capacity building, attendance marking of teachers
  • For students – learning tracking, aims for grade-level competency
  • School evaluation and improvement
  • Improve placements and admissions
  • Effectively manage faculty workload

EmpowerU app and technology is completely free for the users. It has been pre launched in the public education system of Tripura and Jharkhand in partnership with Tata Trusts and Boston Consulting Group. Currently, more than 50,000 government teachers are actively using the system. The application can be accessed on all platforms – iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop.

You can watch the "How to use it' video below and get to know more benefits provided by the application.



EmpowerU is incubated at SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre, IIT Kanpur and backed by INVENT program of Villgro Foundation, Government of India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development, in partnership with Department for International Development (DFID), UK.

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