Continue Education Without Distraction During Lockdown With Free Byndr - Social Learning Platform

Byndr, a Hyderabad-based Learning Management System company is offering its premium Social Learning Platform - Byndr Enterprise - for free, to Indian higher education institutions to help them continue teaching and learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

With its 24/7 online access, Byndr Enterprise enables institutions to take education directly to homes.

Byndr LMS for college

Educational institutions, especially higher education institutions, face lots of challenges in day-to-day processes and operations. With large numbers of students as well as teachers, administrators face huge challenges in managing courses, documentation, schedules, attendance, performance tracking, communication, etc. Carrying out or maintaining the above processes incur huge cost and security issues. Specifically, due to the lockdown, life has become harder and things have become complex with increasing need for work from home.

With Byndr Enterprise running on safe, secure, robust, and scalable AWS cloud, colleges/universities can securely take their entire chains of institutions online to continue education during the COVID-19 lockdown with peace of mind.   

Byndr allows institution management to take courses, schedules, circulars, parent/student communication, and student/teacher performance tracking online. It facilitates continuous teaching and learning despite these tough times to ensure that you don’t get left out in the midst of “education at home” becoming the new COVID-19 trend like “work from home”.

To help deliver uninterrupted learning to students, Byndr is offering its premium product – Byndr Enterprise – for free till 30 May 2020.

Institutions signing up during this period get access to all the paid featured of Byndr Enterprise for one full academic year at zero cost – no strings attached.

Social Learning platform for students

A few of the teacher-student benefits that Byndr Enterprise offers, include:
Teachers can create lessons, assign tasks, schedule quizzes, grade students, and track their performance.

Students have 24/7 access to materials library, notes, lesson plans, besides doubt clearing sessions, and having peer-to-peer collaboration.

Byndr - Cloud based social learning platform

When everything can go online, why stop teaching or learning? Become the frontrunner of online education by bringing your institution online for free with Byndr Enterprise for colleges and universities.

To sign up for the offer, demo request or other details, drop a message to the Byndr team via this contact form and if you are an individual teacher and want to manage your class, you can sign up for free on Byndr - LMS for teachers.

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Author: Stephen Soulunii
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