Storypanda - Digital Books for Kids

Storypanda - Digital Books for Kids
Description:- Storypanda is an iPad application that is designed to deliver digitized and interactive story content, alongside providing the users the ability to customize the storyline and story elements to create a custom story.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Digital Storytelling Creators
  2. Digital Storybooks
  3. Publishing

Platform:- iOS

Usability:- Storypanda books are specifically designed for kids to learn, they offer a wide range of potential uses for teachers as well as students. The stories are designed and created in such a way that they deliver morals and lessons to students that address making new friends, being proud of your differences, including others, etc. Teachers can use these stories or can create custom stories using the design elements to teach words, sentences, story structure, grammar and much more to the students. 

As an activity, the Storypanda team worked with a kindergarten class to create Father’s Day stories with kids putting in their personalized messages for their Dads. Additionally, the team invited an author to read his book off the iPad to a group of kindergarteners. The class learned about geography and the world's landmarks as the author guided them through the story.

Walk-Through:- Storypanda is a mobile publishing platform that publishes interactive kids books on the iPad. The books are unique because kids, students, teachers and even parents can read as well as create their own version of the stories and can learn and teach at the same time. To start, you need to download the iPad application of Storypanda from the iTunes store and as soon as you download it, you are ready to use it, as it features one free story to begin with. The user can download additional stories as and when required. The stories are made interactive with the help of animations, motion elements, sounds and motion sensitive environment responses and these elements make these stories very engaging and fun to go through.

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