Storypanda - Digital Books for Kids

Storypanda - Digital Books for Kids

There is a ‘Create’ feature for every book available in your virtual bookshelf on your iPad that allows you to create your own version of the story by swapping different characters, props, backgrounds and even text. These custom versions of the stories can even be shared with other Storypanda users.
The Storypanda story engine keeps track of the choices and selections made by the user, while progressing through the story to keep the realistic element in the picture and thereby the story rolls out on the basis of the user’s choice.


  • iPad App (With one free story book) - Free
  • Additional Books - Free - $2.99

Our Review:- The application is very neatly built and all the stories are very interactive and engaging. The designing team at Storypanda has done a fabulous job in designing the stories and laying down the animations and interactive elements. The tool is very much suited for teaching kindergarteners, as the stories are short, teach lessons, and keep students engaged.

The content has been developed as per the lesson plans with the help of  teachers, for them to use the same along with their additional creations in the classroom.

‘Create your own story’ and the interactive and animated environment base for stories are some of the features that stand out among the rest for Storypanda books. We hope to see Storypanda on Android and other devices as well.

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