Learnclick: A Versatile Tool for Teachers to Create Gap-filling Exercises, Multiple-Choice Quizzes and Others

Learnclick - Quiz creating tool

Quiz, gap-filling, multiple-choice, reordering of words and many other such exercises form an important part of the teaching and learning process in the academic world.

However, due to the lack of easy-to-use tools and resources, teachers often face challenges while creating such day-to-day exercises and activities for their students. Here is one tool that exactly helps address the issues faced by teachers.

Learnclick is a versatile quiz creator, especially loved by language teachers for the ease of creating gap-filling exercises, also known as cloze tests. It is a powerful and flexible, yet easy-to-use tool for creating online gap-filling exercises as well as drag & drop, dropdowns, and multiple-choice quizzes.

Main uses or benefits that Learnclick offers include:

The main purpose of Learnclick is to help teachers to create quizzes/exercises where students need practice in the context of a text. Users can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Creating a quiz – You can create gap-filling, drag & drop, dropdowns, multiple choice quizzes, match the following, open-ended questions and more. Learnclick allows users to simply mark words to turn them into gaps.
  • Formating and multimedia elements – Learnclick’s quiz builder has the ability to handle many formatting options. It has the usual buttons available for changing the font (bold, italic, underline, colour, and font size). You can style your quizzes and insert images, audio and videos as well.
  • Detailed reporting – Learnclick provides a quick overview of how students or each student performed. You can check several or all students’ answers at once. The points scored by students are calculated automatically, however, it can be manually adjusted. You can release the results or export the results into Excel or as PDF files. Also, you can choose to share the quiz with one or several classes.
  • Other features – You can embed the quizzes created with Learnclick into your website, import/export questions, annotate open-ended questions and a lot more.

Pricing model and pricing of Learnclick

Learnclick is not a free-to-use tool. It offers its tool and charges based on the membership types. There are two membership types and the company charges its users based on the following:

Basic membership – USD 39/year.

Pro membership – USD 59/year.

While both Basic and Pro membership allow you to create an unlimited number of quizzes, the Pro version enables you to additionally create classes and have the input recorded.

You can take a tour of the training video below to know the detailed benefits of the tool as well as how to use it:



Learnclick is one of the best tools available in the market for creating online cloze test or gap-filling exercises! For more details or to sign up, you can visit www.learnclick.com.

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