Upswing Classroom: Out and Out Virtual School, Not Just a Classroom!

Upswing Classroom: Out and Out Virtual School, Not Just a Classroom!

The ease of having everything assembled at one place can reduce the workload of teachers, empower students, reduce the number of communications with parents, and help administration simplify everything related to the smooth functioning of the school.

With technology evolving rapidly it has become imperative for teachers and school administration to adopt this shift. However, carrying out or maintaining the above processes incur huge costs and data security issues. In the current COVID 19 scenario, helping teachers digitize the mundane tasks and allowing them to focus on what they love to do 'TEACH' is the need of the hour.

And this need of SOS is being fulfilled by Upswing Learning that provides an all in one platform, through its learning management system for schools and Upswing Classroom – an interactive online classroom platform.

Upswing Learning is an online educational content and solutions provider committed to developing interactive learning solutions for educational Institutes, schools, colleges, universities, coaching classes and training institutes. All the tools that a teacher needs to teach like whiteboard, student interaction, and forming groups are available here. It offers a plethora of options encouraging online education to be engaging, efficient, and effective. 

How Upswing Classroom Helps Schools Conduct Classes Online?

Upswing Classroom seamlessly transits schools to online education. Upswing Classroom works at ease on mobile phones reducing the dependencies on computers and tablets.

It provides a platform to conduct classes online, interact with students and assign revision work and tools for evaluation. From scheduling to attendance generation, doubt solving to grading, and more, Upswing provides all the features of that of a real-life school, all in one single platform. Some of the key features include:

Timetable – Upswing Classroom allows schools to schedule classes for each grade and assign teachers to conduct the session as per the timetable.

Attendance – Students’ attendance is generated automatically once they log into the session.

Online Class – The platform allows schools to conduct online classes using digital whiteboard, sharing presentations or screen sharing with students. 40-100 students can attend a class

Doubts and Discussions – Upswing’s chat feature allows students to raise doubts and interact one-to-one with the teacher. Teachers can open classroom discussion or group discussion using the same feature.

Assignments – Teachers can assign tasks to students through questions or worksheets by uploading it on the platform. Students can take the picture of the assignment using the Upswing scanning tool and upload it against the question of the assignment.

Evaluation – Upswing provides correction tools to evaluate the assignments. They allow teachers to digitally correct the assignment and leave comments and marks.

Key Benefits that Upswing Classroom offers to schools/teachers/students:

  • The scheduling of classes and respective teachers can be done in minutes using the software.
  • The whiteboard has all writing tools that teachers can use to write notes and instructions similar to the blackboard but more for a real-life classroom.
  • Attendance is auto generated.
  • Every session is video recorded. Students and teacher can view the session later for anytime anywhere access.
  • Group or private chat features allow students and teachers to interact with each other.
  • Polling options and assignments after the session help in formative assessment and evaluation of the attention of students.
  • Question banks, as per the school board are also available for designing the digital assignments.
  • Correction tools are available to evaluate the assignments.
  • A student can be made presenter to share his/her presentation or views.
  • Breakout room feature allows teachers to assign different student groups with exclusive assignments for each group.
  • The audio and video control and settings of student login can be set and controlled by the teacher.
  • Teacher and student personal information such as email and telephone numbers is not required to login. Each user will have unique platform generated credentials.

What makes Upswing Classroom different from other virtual classroom platforms?

Upswing learning’s platform and technologies have been carefully curated by a team of academics and technologists who work hand in hand to ensure the most effective of solutions are available to education stakeholders. The company is founded and funded by educationists running and operating the Ramaiah group of institutions in Bangalore.

Upswing’s products and services are customizable to ensure educational institutes are provided a smooth transition into online education along with 24 hour tech support.

Reviewing the platform and speaking to some of their clients, we appreciate how Upswing Classroom is an easy to use platform for both technical as well as non-technical users which is the case for most of the teachers. Their product and team have the ability to setup the learning environment and run this system in any institute in no time.

It is built to equip & empower teachers to start teaching beyond the classroom walls; and ensure a hassle-free process for teachers to connect with their students with unique abilities like no time duration on a session or LIVE class which can also be recorded and stored on a secure cloud with access control on who can download/access within a certain timeframe, and works seamlessly on mobiles.


While the pricing model depends on the number of student logins, Upswing charges Rs 150 per month per user, for unlimited classes.  Upswing Learning also provides training and technical service to its users.

Upswing Classroom is accessible on all platforms – iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop.

You can watch the video below to have a better understanding of the platform and its usage.

Explore the easy way to go and conduct classes online! You may contact the team at

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