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For some strange reason, Math is one of the most dreaded subjects for children.

But we can’t deny the fact that it is also one of the most important subjects taught in the foundation years of learning. While we do have many ways to teach math to kids, game-based learning works more effectively in comparison to other techniques as it engages the children and pushes their learning desire.

In this blog, I will walk you through an amazing platform SplashLearn that provides free game-based math learning and practice for K-5 students. 

SplashLearn serves a remote learning program that makes learning hassle-free for teachers and fun for students. With over 400 math skills aligned with the curriculum of your choice, the platform is giving teachers access to powerful tools. These tools aid in Assessments to gauge performance and group students, Assignments to get the best out of their class time and Reports to inform instruction. Home access enables teachers to make homework fun and ensure regular practice at home. The learning experience itself is scientifically designed and is set in a game-like interface, ensuring students are actively engaged in learning all the way.

Pain Points/ Needs

Math Learning, Web Browser, Voice Recognition, To-Do Lists, Student Assessments, Printable Materials, Lesson Plans, How To Guides, Game Based Learning, Compatible With Clever, Common Core Standards


SplashLearn is compatible with iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop.

Pricing Model

It is free for all school teachers


The platform is useful for teachers, students, and their parents. Get a walkthrough from the following information:

For Teachers:

SplashLearn GAACEM

The image above shows the teachers’ dashboard. You can navigate to all available functions from here. All you need to do is create your account and get started. Follow student progress and monitor results for the whole classroom as well as for each student individually. You can assign practice content to individual students or an entire class and can monitor assignments’ completion. Diagnostic and Progress Monitoring assessments analyses proficiency and help the teacher to identify students requiring extra help.

SplashLearn Class Learn and Activity


The platform also features access to remote learning. Since SplashLearn caters to K-5 students, what you’ll need to set up a remote learning class is the parent’s email id. After you fill in the parents' email id and invite them on the platform, they can easily register their child to start with the classes. This not only involves parents in their children's’ learning journey but gives them access to monitor the growth of their child. Students get multi-device access to pick up where they left off in their previous session, including at home, enabling teachers to use SplashLearn as a homework tool as well. You also get support from these how-to videos. They are available on your dashboard for easy access and quick help if needed.

For Children:

  • Game-Based Learning: their approach to game-based learning motivates students and encourages them to complete specific topics underlying pedagogy in a seamless manner.
  • It covers over 500 learning objectives with 2000 playsheets and games. All the Maths problems are dynamically generated through 2,500+ proprietary templates that replace static worksheets; each time a student revisits a skill, they are presented with different practice problems for virtually unlimited and non-repetitive practice. The Math Facts section offers focused practice for concept fluency.
  • Diagnostic Assessments for differentiated and personalized instruction. The platform also features automated student grouping with data-driven insights.
  • Adaptive and interactive features enable problem structure to increase in complexity with correct answers and allows children to express concepts with relevant maths symbols and vocabulary.
  • Questions in SplashLearn are read aloud in a friendly voice to familiarize children with pronunciations of maths vocabulary to reinforce the concepts learned.
  • Revision Box to work on their areas of improvement

For Parents:

Teachers can give home assignments to students and you can sit and see your child do those. Analyze your child’s problem areas and get in touch with the educator if needed. Teachers can enable the weekly reports for parents that keep you in the loop around the progress of your child’s activity. Real-time reports are available on the Parent Connect App available on iOS and android.

Why You Should Try SplashLearn?

With many good things about this math tool and many other amazing math tools in the market, reasons, why I would recommend this one, are:

  • SplashLearn can work seamlessly without the need for internet access and syncs with their cloud servers when the connection is re-established, enabling cross-platform usage.
  • The Read-Aloud feature helps young learners who struggle with reading.
  • Their fun games and adorable characters that make students learn throughout keeps them interested and engaged.
  • Personalized approach towards learning and providing a different set of questions for similar skill practices would be helpful for the student to have a complete understanding of the concept. It would also be great in aiding with additional resources to work on areas that need extra effort.
  • The tool is free of cost for teachers. This means that any educator around the globe and sign up, create a class, and start with their remote learning in this difficult situation. Teachers can also get parents involved with their child’s learning and keep them informed with in-app features.


Wrapping it up, I think SplashLearn is an amazing platform to get started with math teaching for K-5 students. Especially for educators who aren’t familiar with massive tech integration and are trying to adapt to the mix, the tool would be of great help. It’s a task to teach kids and when things go online without notice and prior training, things could get stressful for educators out there. This tool here comes with a lot of already existing in-app solutions. The feature for assignments, records, reports, and the ability to keep parents in the loop, involved, and informed makes it easy for educators to keep things in place and on track. For students, the tool has distinctive un-repetitive exercises, automated personalized lesson plans, provision to work on areas that need extra time, and of course, the loved game-based approach!

Have you tried this platform? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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