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Description:- Nasjah  is a search engine that indexes the online courses and videos from resources like MOOCs, OpenCourseWare, lecture-based courses, coding tutorials and videos to deliver high quality, hassle free and optimized search results while addressing issues related to online learning/searching.

Pain Point/Need:-

  • Educational Search Engine
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Online Courses
  • MOOCs

Platform:- Web

Usability:- With the explosion in content and courses happening, searching for quality resources from an expanse of learning material available online in the form of MOOCs, Courseware, tutorials, videos, books, podcasts, etc. has become problematic with the key issues being, discovering and selecting the right courses and problems with online searching/ learning. Here’s where Nasjah comes to the rescue.

It is a search engine providing the quickest and simplest ways to help you find the right courses and resources amongst a multitude of the available online learning material by allowing the users to be benefitted by the intelligent search algorithms it uses to return categorised (into relevant subject areas), ranked and filterable results which make it easy for you to search/ browse, along with suggestions to related courses and videos that may interest you, making sure that you invest your valuable learning time in the best way, whether you are a student, professional skills learner, teacher or learning for pleasure. Primarily, Nasjah is a search engine whose results contain the best from the web with resources from Edx or Coursera (for MOOCs), MIT (for OpenCourseWare), Khan Academy (for Lecture-based courses), Codeacademy or Codeschool (for coding tutorials), Youtube, Vimeo, and other platforms (for videos).

You can also filter and rank courses based on the feedback of users who have taken these courses. You can also contribute by leaving reviews and ratings for courses and other resources, as well as bookmark items to come back to later and plan your future learning in a more systematically organized way.


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Currently, there are 1267 courses from 9 platforms by 97 educational institutes, featuring 1372 teachers from across the world. The courses are categorized into 33 subject areas, most popular currently among them being Architecture and Design with 161 courses.

Walk-Through:- The platform offers an easy search feature with two different content search options i.e. courses and videos search which returns optimized and precise results using algorithms and filters to process through already searched content, thereby making the entire searching process even more efficient.

On searching for either courses or videos, a list of available resources appears as search results, which you can further refine by Relevance or Rating, as is desired by you. In the search results, links to the courses appear, indicating their provider, instructors as well as tags (for additional related learning). Along with this, a suggestion for related videos appears in case you have searched for a course, and related courses if the search for videos has been made.

The home-page also features a list of Top Course Subjects along with Top Providers, Top Institutes and Instructors.

On navigating to the detailed page of a course/ video, you will see a short description (metadata) made available by the provider, thereby allowing users to have a better understanding of the resource and the results hence generated. This description may contain important information like the start date and duration of the course, an intro video about the course, and more. Also the user can use ‘View on Site’ button anytime, to navigate to the site which offers that particular course or video.

Nasjah also offers user-related features (commenting, rating, reviewing, bookmarking, etc.) which can be availed by registering/signing-up. You can sign-up for an account using an e-mail address, Facebook, or Google account. This automatically creates you a profile page, showing information about your account, your recent activity (comments, reviews, ratings, etc.), and your bookmarked for ready reference resources. By default, this page is set to ‘private’, with only you having access to view it, but you may choose to share and make it public.

Price:- Free

Our Review:- As the logo represents (an Owl, which is a symbol of wisdom/learning), Nasjah is an online search platform that makes our lives easier by filtering all the content from the vast knowledge base, that one may need as a learner. It helps discover and select the right online courses so that we can plan our journey of learning with them. It is a great search engine of online learning resources when it comes to looking for MOOCs, open and lecture based courseware, coding tutorials, video content, etc. which are generally difficult to identify and select from.

The best feature is that it’s free to use and in addition the platform is powered up with additional user-features like, reviewing, rating and commenting (which can be used to ask questions to clarify doubts). So, Nasjah is a pretty awesome platform to use when you are looking for online courses and video resources.

We hope that, Nasjah soon rolls out their new features which include the addition of other content types, new search interfaces, curated lists of resources and an auto-rating system for courses, etc. to make the search experience even better.


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