Make Language Learning Fun for Kids With Shoonya Kids

Make Language Learning Fun for Kids With Shoonya Kids

It is best to start learning languages at an early age. With apps and tools on fingertips, it is easier to facilitate children with language learning content now than before.

One such learning app for children aged under 10 is Shoonya Kids. The goal behind this app is to teach children under 10 their first 350-500 words in a new language through fun, interactive lessons that emphasize theme-based learning.

The app teaches children about alphabets, pronunciations, animal names, and new cultures to help prepare them to meet the World Language Readiness Standard. Through animated characters, thee app celebrates all forms of culture via its curriculum and teach children the core principles of equity and inclusion through a diverse cast of fun characters. Children can learn a variety of languages among Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Spanish, and Telugu!

Needs: Language Learning, Communication

Platforms: Compatible with iOS based devices.

Pricing: The app works on a subscription based model. User need to have a single subscription for unlimited access to all languages and all content. New content is added regularly.
The subscription pricing is $7.99 per month and $79 yearly. A 7 day free trial is available for users to experience the features of the tool.


The app works as a great educational supplement for young children who wish to learn a new language, but are not always provided with the resources to do so in school or for teachers who want to encourage their students to learn a new language but do not have the resources to teach themselves. Young students with non-native English speaking parents may use the app to improve their English with daily alphabet practice. Or, if their English is proficient, they may choose to learn their relatives' native language like Hindi or Spanish and strengthen their cultural connection.

How They Do It:

Absorption and repetition: Repetition in learning is essential. After all, practice makes perfect! The app offers opportunities for children to tap, listen, and repeat vocabulary words. Children absorb words and phrases as they interact with fun bite-sized games in a comfortable and fun learning environment. Kids will have multiple opportunities to hear the words they are learning, and, overtime, become comfortable in their own speaking ability.

Action/reaction: The app interface is such that everything a child touches responds back to them. This teaches reward principles as children study alongside fun animations. For instance, in chapters like farm and jungle animals, children can touch the magic hat and wand and watch as the animals are transformed with fun costumes. This makes learning fun and engaging for children.

Cultural context and consideration: with a mission to educate children about diversity and culture, all the chapters are designed with culture in mind, our dress up chapter in particular. It features fun characters and clothing from all over the world! Children can design and dress up their very own character with cultural gems all while learning clothing vocabulary. This is a unique way to introduce children to different culture and they learn while they do. Children will love playing with different clothing items while learning new vocabulary.

Enhancing fine motor skills: Developing fine motor skills is fundamental for children, particularly in their preschool years. Chapters like letter tracing allow children to practice their motor skills as they us their finger to drag and follow the letter. Mastering motor skills at an early age will allow children to be more confident in so many aspects of life, as well as increase hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

World language readiness standards: The World Language Readiness Standard sets the bar for fundamental language requirements for children to achieve competency and use their skills in real world settings. With the release of updated content regularly Shoonya Kids hopes to maintain alignment with everything your child needs to know in order to be proficient in their language of choice!

Watch out this video below to get a feel of the platform:

All in all, if you want your child to learn language in a fun and engaging way you must try Shoonya Kids. Their animated characters engages children and they learn in an interactive manner. Fresh content is added to the app regularly to keep kids interested. The app is useful for parents as they get to introduce their children to their native languages and help them learn about it as well as their culture.

Do share your experience with the tool if you’ve tried it out!

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