Efficient And Easy-to-Use Attendance With EZCheck.me

Efficient And Easy-to-Use Attendance With EZCheck.me

Whether teaching a course, presenting a webinar, or engaged in professional training, attendance is a critical metric to determining success.

However, taking attendance has been a tedious process throughout history for both instructors and students alike. It takes time and energy away from the actual teaching of the course, leaving everyone involved dissatisfied.

Until now, there have been few practical alternatives to performing a verbal rollcall. Simply skipping over attendance isn’t an option. Attendance is critical to students’ success at the postsecondary level. In professional development environments, attendance is often mandatory and must be carefully taken. There needs to be a better way to collect, monitor, and report key attendance statistics.

A Modern Solution to Taking Attendance

Moving forward, professors, teachers, and instructors need a modern solution that they can rely on. The solution must be effective, preventing unscrupulous absentees from faking their attendance. The solution must be efficient, saving enough time to validate its use. The solution must be easy to understand and use, letting all instructors and attendee’s benefit.

EZCheck.me is that solution. Their QR code attendance app is already making attendance that much easier for over 120 institutions in the USA. These institutions save time every time they take attendance while also receiving an easy way to manage and simple to understand attendance statistics. Effective, efficient, and easy to use, EZCheck.me checks every box for attendance apps.

Benefits for Both Instructors and Attendees

EZCheck.me is easy to use for attendees while providing versatility and a rich source of information for instructors. At the beginning of the lecture or seminar, the instructor simply initiates a Check-In Session and displays the Check-In screen. The screen features a dynamic QR code, which changes every few seconds to prevent falsified check-ins, along with several alternative check-in methods for attendees who cannot scan the QR code.

Using EZCheck.me’s mobile app, the attendees scan the QR code or identify the onscreen icons to check-in. A web app is available for those without access to the mobile app. Attendance is taken quickly, leaving more time for the content of the lecture.

Attendance Statistics All in One Place

Attendance statistics are compiled automatically by EZCheck.me and can be reviewed by instructors at any time. The easy-to-use instructor dashboard features the attendance rate for the latest session and the course in general. Attendance over the entire duration of the course is displayed in a simple to understand graph. Statistics on the cumulative attendance of individual attendees, along with consecutive absences, are available. All this information is easily exported to Excel with EZCheck.me.


EZCheck.me instructor dashboard

Reliable Attendance Taking

There is no way for an absentee to fake their attendance with EZCheck.me. The dynamic QR code and icons prevent attendees from sharing them with absentees. Only those truly in attendance can check-in. Instructors can manually check-in students at their discretion, and the app allows attendees to submit late check-in requests.

Easy Communication with Attendees

EZCheck.me also consolidates communication between instructors and attendees. Late check-in requests are all in one place, eliminating the need for individual correspondence with late attendees. EZCheck.me also allows instructors to send instant messages to attendees, featuring read receipts that enable the instructor to see which attendees have and haven’t seen the message.

Perfect for Courses and Seminars of All Kinds

Without any additional hardware or setup, EZCheck.me is easy for any instructor to integrate. Whether the lecture is in person or virtual, it is easy to present the Check-In Session screen to attendees. Meetings through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other virtual meeting tools allow the QR Code to be displayed as quickly as with any projector.

Geolocation Allows for Hybrid Course Approach

Courses that offer a hybrid approach of in-person lectures and virtual attendance can benefit from EZCheck.me’s geolocation feature. Attendees can be sorted by those in physical attendance and those attending virtually. The instructor simply sets the location using the address or map. Any attendees within 100 meters are considered to be attending in person.

A Solution at Every Level

EZCheck.me addresses the problems that attendance causes for all parties.

  • Students can easily monitor their attendance and submit late check-in requests
  • Instructors save time taking attendance and benefit from simplified communication
  • Institutions receive reliable attendance statistics that are easy to export and analyze

EZCheck.me provides an easy-to-use solution to attendance taking for schools, colleges, and other institutions. The basic plan, providing check-in for as many courses as desired, is entirely free. You can contact EZCheck.me today to hear more about their premium plans featuring reports, institutional management, and more.

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