Metta - Digital Content Based Storytelling Tool

Metta - Digital Content Based Storytelling Tool

Description:- Metta (formerly known as Soo Meta) is an immersive visual storytelling tool for creating visually engaging mixed media stories, by enabling users to bring together images, videos, sounds and text from across the web or their own into its

 online workplace and also add interactive polls.

Pain Point/Need:-

  • Digital Storytelling
  • Presentation Creators
  • Video Creators

Platform:- iOS, Android, Web

Usability:- Metta is a platform for online digital storytelling that redefines and simplifies video based storytelling by turning content into great looking videos containing polls and quizzes, all with a minimal effort by the user. In addition, it offers the ability to edit content, such as cropping a video/sound, zooming/repositioning an image or editing text. It allows a variety of professionals like educators, journalists, marketers, news providers, as well as amateurs like students, bloggers or anyone who would like to try their hand at interactive video making enriched with multimedia content, fast and easily.

Using this, Journalists can provide their viewers with more visual content by delivering short movies in their posts. Educators can employ visuals into their teaching/learning and share quickly assembled videos with their class. They can also create flipped lessons for their class through it. Students can use it to learn stories, make documentaries, compilations and research/curation work. Bloggers can engage their audience and get measurable feedback through analytics.
It is a great tool for content production and curation.


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