Metta - Digital Content Based Storytelling Tool

Metta - Digital Content Based Storytelling Tool


Walk-Through:- To get started with Metta, you can create an account or login with Facebook. On logging in, you will be asked to enter a title for your new story/video and a dropdown appears through which you can select how exactly you would like to create your story, i.e. ‘From Scratch’ (search content or add your own to start using them in your story right away), ‘Quick Try’ (load a sample and customize it), ‘RSS driven Blog Teaser’ (enter a URL to create a playable teaser, and add your own background audio to it).

After entering the Title and selecting your story type, you can search for videos, pictures, sounds, text, copy/paste links, or upload them from your desktop and rearrange and clip them to create a new story.

Stories are created, starting with a cover image followed by the chapters. Chapters can further be split into sections, each having different images or text (videos/sounds run through the chapter), using breakpoints. You can also add/delete/trim a chapter, add/delete media, record a voiceover, add a poll or swap the position of a chapter. At the end, you Save and Preview your movie. On publishing it, other users can Like, Follow, and share your movie on Facebook and Twitter. You can change the visibility of your movie and get shareable story link, Twitter/FB share buttons, Embed code for inserting the widget to your blog.

One of the significant features of Metta is that users can insert quick polls and quizzes into their stories, share them with their audience and get a controlled feedback through statistics to know and have insights of the reactions and responses, of the community on a geographically varying scale.

It also offers a browser ‘add-on’ (for chrome, firefox, safari and explore), so that users can select and store specific content they wish to use later on, in the library which makes it available to them whenever they return to their workstation. This feature can be availed with a powerful Bookmarklet present in the form of ‘Collect’ button, which is a Meta button that lets you easily grab media content you find on websites. You can drag this button to your bookmarks bar and click it when you see things you want to collect to use in your stories.

You can also follow stories, share your Metta profile with your followers and start following other storytellers to build your own channel.


  • Free
  • Plus: Starting at $9/month
  • Pro: $18/month

+ Offers a special EDU discount of 50%

+ Other discounts vary with the billing cycle

Our Review:- Metta is an impressive platform for digital video based content creation along with integration of polling, which eases multimedia creation/editing, and allows you to research and present video based story beautifully. In addition the ability to collect polls, generate statistics and create playable blog teasers and embed the same anywhere makes the platform very useful.

We hope to soon see some additions and refinements to Metta, which are currently in progress, such as, the improvement in mobile experience, integration with other tools and sites and Smart TVs, a full-blown mobile editor, etc. We almost forgot to mention that Metta is also available for Edmodo and can be used to flip your classroom.

We think for content curation and video based multimedia presentation, Metta is one of the best tools that you would come across. We loved the way it handles and plays the multimedia content.


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