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"Technology can never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational." - George Couros

The current COVID crisis led to educational changes overnight. It didn't take long for the sector to come online to meet their teaching-learning needs. The emergency led all to embrace the awaited change. The majority of educational stakeholders finally understand the need for digitisation. This need for digitisation came with its challenges but resulted in many notable initiatives by the government, and fantastic web tools came to the surface.

The spike in online learning points to the bright future of e-learning. A study on online education in India 2021 by KPMG and Google mentions that India's online education market is set to grow to USD 1.96 billion and around 9.6 million users by 2021 from USD 247 million and approximately 1.6 million users in 2016. Since these figures do not account for the COVID-19 pandemic, the estimated numbers may fall short of the reality as online education has never been pushed more than 2019-20.

Most parents and educators believe that even when the pandemic ends, online learning is here to stay. Many education experts favour the hybrid learning model where conventional formal schooling meets the efficiency of technology integration.

The benefits of digitalising education and the institution are innumerable. Considering how the younger generation is tech-savvy, we can say that students enjoy, engages, and prefer digital education. There is the ease of providing learning material to students. Online education allows students and teachers to experiment and innovate. With vivid tools at hand, the opportunities are never-ending. Collaboration, communication, experts' expertise, flexibility, interactive learning are some of the features that are prevalent in an online learning environment.

As for institutions, they are managing everything online is far convenient and effective as a whole. It allows institutions to improve the quality of education by simplifying the mundane tasks of collecting payments and managing administrative work in a structured way. Fee collection from parents can be digitised with an integrated payment system, and similar could be done for teachers and other staff by the organisation.

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Though the pandemic has turned the whole education system upside down, it seems that the K12 space significantly has been revolutionised by the changes it brought. The K12 sector faced many challenges leading to remarkable changes in the way things were done before the pandemic and how they're done now after the breakout happened.  The shift in teachers' attitude, parents and students towards adopting online as a model for education and learning has been either promising or devastating. Multiple factors like availability of resources, socio-economic background, and more play a crucial role here. But, not only for students as end-users but also colleges, tuition centres, and schools are very much open to adopting tech-based learning solutions now than ever before.

Solutions like Aasoka by MBD Group cater to all academic, administrative, learning, and teaching needs of an institution. Their cloud-based platform digitises all school operations and makes it possible for the organisation to work online effectively. The platform offers features  that meet students' learning needs, allows educators to facilitate students with the best instruction online with their powerful tools and ensures that administration can carry on with all their functions with ease.

Keyways how Aasoka is helping students, teachers and administrators with their platform

For Teachers

The platform allows educators to fulfil students' learning needs with its various features and eases educators' responsibility by providing technology that helps them create lessons, assignments, reports, practice worksheets and more. While creating lessons, teachers can add several types of contents subject wise, chapter wise and concept-wise. They can upload PDFs, jpg, mp4 files and YouTube links as well. These lesson plans can be assigned to a particular date/ week in the timetable. Apart from lesson creation, teachers can also schedule and conduct live classes. The live sessions can be performed either in a group or 1:1 as needed. Teachers can address a total of 150 students in one session/ class. The platform allows screen sharing, file sharing, recording facility, electronic whiteboards, marking attendance and more.

There is a chat messenger with which teachers and students can interact in a group or individually for communication needs. For live classes, one can switch to a lower frame rate and give voice the priority in low bandwidth. The platform will soon be launching its report card feature to help teachers track and share students' progress.

For Students

The app is a depository of resources that'd help students find their preferred content type. Students can access Video Lectures, E-Books, Practice Test, Multimedia Rich 2D & 3D Content, NCERT Solutions and more. To practice and assess students' knowledge, the platform offers adaptive testing, monthly assignments and detailed reports. You can easily find out the problem areas and work accordingly. Another essential feature is that the platform allows students to access their material while they're offline. Their e-books can be downloaded and accede offline.

For Management

Management can digitise and manage regular day-to-day operations with ease. With this single platform, it is possible to supervise students, teachers, courses, classes, assessments, results and more. Administration can easily view the entire school's working just by logging in to the system related to School Fees, Admissions, Examinations, Online Assessments, Staff Management, etc.

All in all, solutions like Aasoka by MBD could revolutionise school and educational journey for students and teachers. Their solution has a 360-degree approach paving the way for seamless functioning making learning, teaching, and administrative operations effective. They offer features that meet students learning needs, teachers' teaching needs and administration's needs. The best of all the features is there content offering for students. As MBD is known in the industry for question banks for the last four decades, their platform gives access to question banks' entire repository by MBD. Their digital content is available in Hindi and English Language and mapped to 18 State Boards and a vast question bank.

School management system

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