Truespel - Easy to Use English Pronunciation Guide

Truespel - Easy to Use English Pronunciation Guide


Walk-Through:- Truespel is a powerful phonetic learning guide whose format is a truly consistent phonetic spelling based on the American English accent. It minimizes conflicts with the traditional orthography. The intent is not to replace traditional orthography, but to develop a new pronunciation/translation guide that uses QWERTY letters, and is based on English.

The platform provides a Grapheme-Phoneme correspondence table, representing the English Vowels- long, short and combined with stress variations. It also provides a Phoneme table containing 40 sounds of phonemes of American English with sample words in their traditional and the respelled, Truespel spelling. Plus, there is the Converter which you can use to translate Standard English to Truespel and vice-versa, by entering your own text material or copy/paste the same from other sources.

There are two rules of Truespel. First, it shows Stress, default stress is on the first syllable and for other syllables a double consonant is used. Second, it shows Glottal Stops, using an apostrophe that comes in-between two consecutive vowels.

The many benefits of Truespel are that, it is the closest possible phonetic spelling notation to English, is computer accessible, a standard translation service, a phonetic awareness assessment tool, a pronunciation guide for dictionaries, an initial spelling aid for learners, etc.

Prices:- Free for non-commercial use.

Our Review:- Truespel is an intuitive platform, which finally makes phonetics for English user friendly and as neat as can be. It also makes it easy to do phonetic writing. Its website has pages on Phonemes, Tutorials and the Truespel Converter. It is very simple as compared to the traditional writing system and also overcomes the complications of the current standard phonetic systems such as IPA and SAMPA (Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabets), which are not so English friendly.

Truespel keeps the pronunciation guide quality intact and no doubt, enhances the overall learning speed. The add-on to its utility is its keyboard friendliness which opens up a large number of academic and professional possibilities. Its language and user friendliness bring new insights into the American English usage.

It turns out to be a much needed and a most significant phonetic learning tool in today’s world which regards English as the most dyslexia causing language! The best part is that it is easy to learn and is available for free.

We look forward to its expandability for languages other than American English as well, and hope to see Truespel UK/AUS/NZ versions, soon.


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