- Complete Online Active Learning Solution - Complete Online Active Learning Solution
Description:- is an intuitive, active learning enterprise tool that allows instructors to implement blended learning , by shifting focus from traditional lecture delivery to ensuring student learning and classroom engagement. It aids instructors
 with a number of real-time tools and addresses issues related to learning/teaching, while trying to incorporate technology in teaching processes with an easy to use interface.

Pain Point/ Need:-

  • Adaptive & Blended Learning
  • Classroom Management & Device Control
  • Document Library

Platform:- Android, Web, Desktop


Usability:- With the already available mechanisms and technologies for imparting education, instructors still find it difficult to ascertain how effective their teaching is and come across various limitations such as a steep learning curve, distraction in classroom learning, security and delivery of content, dependence on specific platforms and unreliable Internet connectivity. Every student learns at a different pace and generic lectures can never address the issue. thrives to solve these issues. It is an advance online learning system that allows any instructor, anywhere to implement blended learning. It is a tool which is device and platform independent. Instructors can monitor student learning and get data on how the content is perceived. In the classroom, aids instructors with a number of interesting tools like a Real-Time Status Monitor, Customizable Polls, Text Responses, Shared Whiteboards, etc. to make the classroom really engaging.

Instructors no longer need to focus on the background technology and the huge associated costs to take their classrooms to a higher level, nor about the element of distraction that technology brings to classroom.

Instructors can also use to adopt the well-known Flipped Classroom approach in teaching.

From large institutions to corporate houses to small individual freelance instructors, comes off as an inexpensive, user friendly tool to bring about a renaissance in the practices of teaching and learning.

Walk-Through:- helps instructors upraise their classroom to a different level, by addressing pain-points that a few technology solutions can deal with.

To subscribe to any of services and create an account, you need to contact the team via. their website since it’s a closed system for education. You can either have an Instructor or a Student account. With an Instructor’s account you have access to a library to store and upload prioritized content, an activity bank to view and upload activities like Quick Checks and Polls, and view or manage your student groups.


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