- Complete Online Active Learning Solution - Complete Online Active Learning Solution


  • Creat!st Pro: (Any institute that wants to use Creat!st with multiple teacher accounts)

Model: Freemium (1 month free trial)


- No setup cost

- $200 for 5 teachers

- $20 per student account

- Online Support and upgrades included

  • Enterprise: (Customized plans for institutes)

Model: Revenue from sales and service


- Local Server setup

- Consulting and training

- Devices

- Annual maintenance contracts

Our Review:-; an innovative online learning system which provides structured templates for class presentations and factual learning methodologies to enhance learning with improvement in quality and teaching techniques . It offers better and secure content creation/management, along with analytics to track student interest and activity levels. Instructors can also have feedbacks from their students on the effectiveness of their content and teaching through ways like polling.

The main features of are its Device and Platform Independence which facilitates BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) to create a smarter and more effective teaching and study environment. In addition it offers Distraction Freeness, Erratic Connection Proneness, Real-Time Status Monitor on the Instructor’s Dashboard reflecting students’ performance for personalized attention and status of students’ devices, Class History/Summary to extend the class boundaries, Offline Action by enabling activities offline and updating on getting online, Instant System Recovery in case of system failure to avoid class disruption.
All this packed together makes an ideal platform to lay down the foundation for Blended Learning .

Overall, reforms the entire teaching and learning experience and encounters the loopholes of the traditional lecture system by brings to the instructors, an enterprise real-time tool that sets an example for use of technology in teaching .

Try it out and see for yourself.


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