Crescerance - Mobile Apps for School

Crescerance - Mobile Apps for School

Description:- Crescerance is a platform for the development of a comprehensive suite of mobile solutions (customized mobile app, mobile website, text messaging and more) on multiple platforms, exclusively for your educational institution or events

 like conferences/seminars.

Pain Point/Need:-

Mobile App Builder
Mobile Collaboration and Communication Platform


iOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (the same app)
Android – Smartphones and tablets
Windows – Smartphones
Text Messaging integration on all the platforms (if requested)

iPad compatible app; which can be edited by the client schools and colleges themselves through their phones by logging into its MMP (Mobile Management Portal) or through the web CMS portal.

Usability:- Today, work and life are busier than ever before due to which it becomes very difficult for parents and the greater community of your educational institution, comprising of prospective students/parents, alumni, sponsors, patrons, stakeholders, staff etc. to stay updated and communicate effectively.

Crescerance aims to bridge the communication gap between an institution and its community. Keeping in view, that mobiles phones are the focal point of communication today, it leverages their functionality to facilitate easy communication and engagement of greater community with your institution, by providing you with integrated and custom made mobile technology solutions, such as your very own mobile app to bring what’s important for your school on mobile.

Such solutions provide ease of access of information, better user experience, and higher security as compared to the orthodox Website and Email systems for communication. It benefits educational institutions by making them stay ahead of competition, have higher enrolments, improve their marketing and keep their community engaged and always connected to them.

Crescerance also provides mobile solutions for events like conferences or seminars to help everyone associated with them to get all the information on their mobiles and offer a myriad of features to enhance the level of engagement and amplify the experience.

Walk-Through:- Crescerance makes it easy for educational institutions to move their communications and interactions with members of their communities to Mobile.

To have an integrated mobile solution for your institution developed by Crescerance, just contact the Crescerance team through their website. The team works with you to understand what is most important for your institution to have on mobile. The development of the mobile app is custom i.e. according to your wants.


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