Tutorsbox - Online Tutoring Whiteboard

Tutorsbox - Online Tutoring Whiteboard

You can also drag-&-drop files in the file area to upload different types of files, resize, move or rotate elements drawn on board, add or upload images, save/load boards, copy/paste or delete selections from board, add more boards and finally write a class summary to keep a personal record of the class (view history, add class snapshots/pictures) once it is over.

Tutorsbox offers features like, it doesn’t require installation, is science/math friendly, allows multiple users (10 connected at a time), enables persistent classes-boards, file uploads, messages are permanently stored, multi-boards, import/export content for reuse, class planner- calendar/reminder, file sharing, live conversations, math tools, shared whiteboard - to interact in real time, and the ability to share exercises with community.


- 5 hours free + 1h free per month
- 25$ for 10 hours
- monthly plan: 49$ for 40 hours
- monthly plan: 89$ for 80 hours

Our Review:- Tutorsbox is a competent platform to promote worldwide education accessibility for students around the world to benefit from online tutoring. It is an intriguing product for institutions and individuals who want to impart their lessons on the internet. They get a virtual classroom plus management tool at an attractive price.

It enables educational institutions to manage different teachers, students and classes on a single platform and also generates real-time analytics of the lessons given. It lets you control your entire educational system and helps you organize your tutoring classes with ease.

Currently, the team is working on improvements such as a smoother pen, better graphs, grouping functionality and more, which are expected to be rolled out soon.

Tutorsbox is an ideal tool to provide equal education opportunities to students across the world and we highly recommend it to all individuals and organisations who are looking for a simple but interactive online tutoring solution to reach out to students over the WWW.

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