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Resume section

Once you jump into particular sections, more options become available. In the Resume section, for instance, you can look at all the resumes you have created. Since the platform allows the creation of multiple resumes, you can have readily editable templates for different college applications at the snap of a finger. Each resume can be tailored specifically according to the place you are applying for.

Once you create or edit a resume, a new subsection opens up.

Resume section

The Work Experience and Activities tabs feature a well-defined tagging system. The tagging system operates by asking you specific questions and giving scenarios to make sure whether the tag you are choosing aligns with your goals and history.

AppAdmits work ecperience

The tags not only help you pinpoint your core skills but also help the platform score your resume to help you make your resume appealing to recruiters. AppAdmit’s algorithm gives you tag-based recommendations to streamline your resume, besides giving overall recommendations to help sharpen your presentation.

AppAdmits resume overall Score

There are sample and text suggestions and even templates that you can use to better understand what you are missing on your way to making a stellar resume. Once all the kinks have been ironed out, you can then download your resume in an editable Word format, make changes if you want to, and export the document as a PDF for applying.

Essay Section

The titular Essay section has a similarly detailed view as the aforementioned Resume section: a detailed view of what you are working on, when it was last edited, along with a compilation of suggestions and prompts for you to work on.

AppAdmit tries to get you to answer specific queries that high education institutes look for in their new students while giving an intricate framework for you to answer the questions in the way that best suits you and your style.

AppAdmits Essay Section

Each of these prompts/recommendations that AppAdmit gives are fully editable. Once you click on the edit option, it takes you through a small and convenient brainstorming session where the platform asks you a series of questions and gives you several prompts to choose from to streamline your skillset according to your needs and goals.

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