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 AppAdmits Community and impact

The real magic happens after this. Once you start writing your essay, the platform goes into overdrive. Based on your previously answered questions, it gives you prompts and tags on the side for quick reference to help you keep your goals aligned in mind as you write your essay.

AppAdmits prompts and tags

AppAdmit also lets you easily drag and drop essay templates. You can also create your templates for use later. There are only a handful of pre-made templates right now, but there will be more very soon as AppAdmit grows and expands.

Almost every tab of AppAdmit features a ‘Book a Consultant’ button. Unlike many other websites and companies that strive to bring a user’s attention to the most profitable service, AppAdmit’s consultation booking button sits snugly and unobtrusively besides its more important highlighted functionalities. It is appreciable to see a company go for a better design-functionality aesthetic than a more cash-grabby approach in its UI.

AppAdmit features a Book a Consultant

Nevertheless, in some sections of the website, the ‘Book a Consultant’ button can be a tad hard to find.

Interview & Recommendation sections

Both the Interview and Recommendation sections of AppAdmit have short but extensive videos on a variety of subjects. The interview section has counsellors giving straightforward advice on what to expect, how to prepare and ace an interview, and all miscellaneous things to look out for.

Interview and Recommendation sections

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