AppAdmit is a digital consulting platform that aids students in completing their college admission applications. It is a flexible and accessible tool that helps build and tailor a great, college-specific portfolio for students applying for higher education. It focuses and specialises in MBA & Master's only. This is AppAdmit’s USP.

Considering it is a product barely out of its infancy, AppAdmit is a neat looking, finely polished tool. The few hiccups here and there do not interfere with its ability to deliver on what it promises.

Additionally, AppAdmit delivers cheap (compared to existing standard consultants) on-demand consultation at all stages of college applications.

AppAdmit claims to combine the experience of its highly regarded application consultants with an AI-backed digital platform. So far, that claim has stood its ground in giving comprehensive, personalized advice.

For a more detailed overview, read on.

AppAdmit Walkthrough

Appadmit currently has two plans available for users: the MBA plan and the Master’s plan. The MBA is a more comprehensive version of the Master’s plan. Access to the MBA plan enables users to take advantage of all the available features.

MBA Smart Consultant is the plan we used for this walkthrough.

MBA Smart Consultant

Standalone modules are also available for purchase if users do not want a comprehensive admission guide.

Standalone modules for purchase

Once logged in, a neat and simple homepage page greets you. Here, you get an overview of your entire profile, including easy one-click access to all your application essentials in one place.

The ‘Overview’ panel lists all your in-progress documents, accessible and editable with one click. Information prompts and tags let you know what file you will be accessing, what category it belongs to, and whether the document is still a work-in-progress or if it is completed.

AppAdmits resume module

A clean and intuitive UI means that you, as a user, can navigate effortlessly amongst AppAdmit’s Resume, Essay, Interview, and Recommendation sections. It is honestly as easy as it looks. There are no hidden interactions here that might stump you. It is neat, petite, and works exactly as you would expect it to.

Resume section

Once you jump into particular sections, more options become available. In the Resume section, for instance, you can look at all the resumes you have created. Since the platform allows the creation of multiple resumes, you can have readily editable templates for different college applications at the snap of a finger. Each resume can be tailored specifically according to the place you are applying for.

Once you create or edit a resume, a new subsection opens up.

Resume section

The Work Experience and Activities tabs feature a well-defined tagging system. The tagging system operates by asking you specific questions and giving scenarios to make sure whether the tag you are choosing aligns with your goals and history.

AppAdmits work ecperience

The tags not only help you pinpoint your core skills but also help the platform score your resume to help you make your resume appealing to recruiters. AppAdmit’s algorithm gives you tag-based recommendations to streamline your resume, besides giving overall recommendations to help sharpen your presentation.

AppAdmits resume overall Score

There are sample and text suggestions and even templates that you can use to better understand what you are missing on your way to making a stellar resume. Once all the kinks have been ironed out, you can then download your resume in an editable Word format, make changes if you want to, and export the document as a PDF for applying.

Essay Section

The titular Essay section has a similarly detailed view as the aforementioned Resume section: a detailed view of what you are working on, when it was last edited, along with a compilation of suggestions and prompts for you to work on.

AppAdmit tries to get you to answer specific queries that high education institutes look for in their new students while giving an intricate framework for you to answer the questions in the way that best suits you and your style.

AppAdmits Essay Section

Each of these prompts/recommendations that AppAdmit gives are fully editable. Once you click on the edit option, it takes you through a small and convenient brainstorming session where the platform asks you a series of questions and gives you several prompts to choose from to streamline your skillset according to your needs and goals.

 AppAdmits Community and impact

The real magic happens after this. Once you start writing your essay, the platform goes into overdrive. Based on your previously answered questions, it gives you prompts and tags on the side for quick reference to help you keep your goals aligned in mind as you write your essay.

AppAdmits prompts and tags

AppAdmit also lets you easily drag and drop essay templates. You can also create your templates for use later. There are only a handful of pre-made templates right now, but there will be more very soon as AppAdmit grows and expands.

Almost every tab of AppAdmit features a ‘Book a Consultant’ button. Unlike many other websites and companies that strive to bring a user’s attention to the most profitable service, AppAdmit’s consultation booking button sits snugly and unobtrusively besides its more important highlighted functionalities. It is appreciable to see a company go for a better design-functionality aesthetic than a more cash-grabby approach in its UI.

AppAdmit features a Book a Consultant

Nevertheless, in some sections of the website, the ‘Book a Consultant’ button can be a tad hard to find.

Interview & Recommendation sections

Both the Interview and Recommendation sections of AppAdmit have short but extensive videos on a variety of subjects. The interview section has counsellors giving straightforward advice on what to expect, how to prepare and ace an interview, and all miscellaneous things to look out for.

Interview and Recommendation sections

Extensive additional information is available under every interview video in the form of bulleted text. Easy to find and read, all actionable information is neatly divided into headings and subheadings, allowing for easy revision and reference.

AppAdmit Extensive additional information

The recommendation section is almost identical to the Interview section, except it deals with the nitty-gritty of LORs and whom to get them from. This section too features easily accessible bulleted information for quick future reference.

AppAdmit Recommendation

AppAdmit is a refreshing new tool that already delivers on its promises, with a responsive team that is bent on perfecting what it has created. AppAdmit shows immense potential to be an indispensable tool in the near future for students stepping into higher education.

The AppAdmit team was kind enough to answer some of our queries about the platform’s features. Many features and QoL changes are in the pipeline as the team expands and the product grows. Additional experts will join their consultation team (currently sitting at only one consultant) in the coming weeks as the team irons out a final few blemishes in the product.

Signup for a free account on their website and see if AppAdmit fits your needs.

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