AgnitioConnect - Virtual Private Network for Educational Institutions

AgnitioConnect - Virtual Private Network for Educational Institutions
Description:- AgnitioConnect is a web-based platform where the community of an educational institution can connect and interact with the institution. It has components of networking, collaboration, knowledge management, institute automation and creates a
personalized learning experience for students in a blended environment .

Pain Point/Need:-

Learning Management System
Exercises and Worksheets, Quiz and Poll Creators
Group Communication, Lesson Planner

Platform:- Web

Usability :- Technology today is being increasingly adopted in every aspect of life, so it becomes imperative to leverage technology to enhance the learning experience for students by switching from the traditional pedagogical approaches to more individualized and custom ones . The aim is to create a student-centric and collaboration driven educational environment.

AgnitioConnect is a flagship product of the company, Agnitio. Five utilities are integrated into this one powerful tool namely; Institute Management System, Learning Management System, Parents Portal, Alumni Management Portal and a Private Social network.

It allows the broad community of an educational institution (students, faculty, parents, alumni, etc.) to come together and interact. Students can now connect with fellow students, teachers and alumni outside the classroom, read lectures and submit assignments online and have their entire academic/extra-curricular record at one place. Parents can stay up to date with their child’s performance, make fee payment online and engage in discussions with other parents and teachers. The alumni are also encouraged to easily stay connected with their alma mater for life.

Walk-Through: Educational Institutions can contact the AgnitioConnect team to set up their accounts. There is a single sign-in facility for all users integrated with the institution website.

On signing-in, students are taken to their Dashboards, where they can have an overview of their profile, messages, see latest news, connect with community and enter into interactive discussions. They can easily manage their timetable, attendance, lectures and assignments with multi-lingual support and receive constant updates on all important events. Personalized messaging and chat options are also available.

Faculty can use it to manage timetable, assignments and lectures online, generate student reports, automate the management of exams - conduct/review results, monitor student progress, provide/receive feedback, archive material and interact through the discussion forum.

Parents can interact with faculty and administration, actively participate in the institution’s activities and receive real-time updates on their child’s attendance, performance and fee payment.

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