AgnitioConnect - Virtual Private Network for Educational Institutions

AgnitioConnect - Virtual Private Network for Educational Institutions

Alumni can frequently interact, get hold of business opportunities, leverage institution’s infrastructure/resources, provide advisory support to students and donate funds.

For Institute Management, AgnitioConnect provides centrally managed information, analytics to track student performance, seamless interaction with community, authenticated profile access, online administration, user friendly interface and an effective knowledge management system. For stakeholder management, it enables easy collaboration between the stakeholders (community) and their institution.

Prices:- Annual subscription for educational institutions depending on the number of users and customization requirements.

Our Review: AgnitioConnect bases its design on simplicity and ease of use. The user-friendly interface allows anyone from anywhere to use and engage with it. It facilitates the creation of a self-organized learning environment, where students need to be highly motivated and independent to progress with their learning.

The idea is to make use of technology to enhance education and enable personalized learning so that students learn at their own pace, context and in the manner in which they want to learn while taking help of teachers, parents and peers. This helps educational institutions foster intellectual growth and create new ideas and innovations.

Overall, AgnitioConnect is a comprehensive set of knowledge management systems, virtual private networks and collaborative tools- a complete solution for an educational institution. It helps develop Flipped Classrooms and empowers learning to implement Blended Learning , wherein classroom teaching is supplemented by guided self-learning and interaction outside the classroom.

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