SchoolPad - School Management & Collaboration platform
Description:- SchoolPad is a comprehensive software to help schools simplify management and collaboration by bringing parents, students and teachers together on a single platform with the help of powerful tools for the management of students, employees,
fee, schedules, attendance, examinations, content and communication of a school.

Pain Point/Need:-

Student Information System - Attendance Management, Classroom Management
Reporting System – Grade books, Student Assessment, Teacher Evaluation
Communication Utilities - Parent Collaboration, Teacher Collaboration
Scheduling, File Sharing, Exercise, Quiz & Poll Creator

Platform:- Web

Usability:- SchoolPad was developed with a mission to help schools adopt technology to simplify management and collaboration and promote student growth. It is cloud-based software which means you can access it from anywhere and anytime if you have a device connected to the Internet.

With SchoolPad it’s possible to simplify management activities of a school by automating its management tasks, facilitate collaboration by uniting the school and its community on a single platform, engage parents by sharing updates with them and keeping them involved with online activities of the school, manage examination flow and generate score cards, improve communication within the school and also with its community, create data reflecting reports, use analytics such as graphs for instant deductions and have access to all information and activities on mobile.

Walk-Through:- Schools can subscribe to SchoolPad by submitting a simple form onlinefor the team to get in touch with them and start with the subscription and implementation process.

It’s a software made up of a variety of potent tools which work together to make it functional. One such tool is for Student Management. With this, you can admit students online, iterate through student data and use filters to quickly find students, look into their details and print flexible reports of student data. With Employee Management tool you can add or manage staff data and generate filtered staff lists.

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With Fee Management tool you can apply and collect fee, concessions, fines and keep track of all dues and collections. With Timetable Management you can create active, inactive and multiple timetables for a class, detect timetable conflicts in real-time, manage substitutions quickly and print class-wise, teacher-wise and full school timetables.

With Attendance Management you can manage attendance and generate reports, share attendance with parents in real-time and analyze it with graphs and reports. For Examination Management the platform supports a flexible examination engine to manage and create examination flows, generate report cards and analyze student performance in real-time.

With Circular and Content Management you can share circulars, planners and digital content with students and parents and notify them through Email or SMS. With Communication Management you can communicate with parents, students and teachers anytime and anywhere through SMS, Email or SchoolPad’s internal messaging system. SchoolPad also provides multiple Dashboards for parents, teachers and students to enhance the user experience and make it personalized.

Prices:- Monthly Subscription based pricing - ‘Pay as you go’

Our Review:- SchoolPad benefits a school system in innumerable ways. It becomes a vital support system for schools since it offers a wide range of features which ensure proper school functioning starting from entire management of its students/staff and going as far as the management of feeble tasks such as fee and attendance.

SchoolPad is designed in a way such that it fits the basic requirements of every school. It saves them a lot of time, cost, resources and effort. With SchoolPad schools are able to take the communication with all people directly or indirectly connected to them, to a different enhanced level. It facilitates efficient management, sharing, collaboration and better communication. Its service, support and functions are of an excellent quality.

Overall, SchoolPad is a perfect platform to achieve greater efficiency in day to day school administration and communication with parents, students and staff. Go ahead and incorporate it in your school’s system to realize its benefits and significance.

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