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Kiddle - Visual Search Engine For Kids to Explore, registered in 2014, but has become more popular in the recent past, is a relatively new search engine powered by Google Safe Search. The website, designed specifically for children, aims at protecting them against explicit and harmful online content.

The search engine is self-described as a "safe visual search engine for kids." Kiddle functions like Google and has similar content and resources. However, the site has a safe search filter that allows parents and educators to feel confident that their kids will not be exposed to inappropriate content. Kiddle is unique because it is highly visual, making it easier for kids to navigate the search results. Another unique feature is that if a child looks up an inappropriate search term, an error page appears and does not allow them to display the content. Also, Google’s Kiddle establishes the censored search terms and blocks explicit images, videos, and websites from search results, so parents do not worry about setting parental controls.

However, Kiddle states that Safe Search is not 100 percent accurate; it can help control the content you see when using the search engine.

When you enter the search site, you find Kiddle written in the characteristic colorful Google style, not against the plain white background like Google, but a vivid and colorful alien planet surface. It also has a red droid alien waiting to answer all your queries.

While the search interface is somewhat similar with different search options, including the basic web, images, news, and videos, the search results are modified for a younger audience. For example, if you type Ram Nath Kovind in the search box, you would not find his Twitter handles, the latest news on top of his Wikipedia page at the top, as is the usual case with standard Google. Instead, you would have links to pages suitable for kids to gain basic knowledge about him.

As per Kiddle's assertion, sites appearing in Kiddle search results meet family requirements and are actively filtered to remove explicit or misleading content.

The search result suggests safe sites and pages, written specifically for kids and hand-picked and checked by Kiddle editors, usually featured in the first three results. The other results include safe, trusted sites not explicitly written for kids but have content written in a simple, easier way for kids to understand.

Finally, after this would follow safe, famous sites were written for adults, providing expert content, but are harder for kids to understand.

Here is how Kiddle says the search results are presented:

  • First 1-3 results: Safe and secure websites and pages written primarily for children; sorted and verified by Kiddle publishers.
  • Results 4-7: Safe and reliable websites that are not primarily written for kids but have written content, easy to understand for children, sorted and checked by Kiddle publishers.
  • Results 8+: Safe, famous sites written for adults, providing expert content, but are more complex for kids to understand; filtered by Google SafeSearch.

If the child types something 'unsuitable', one of Kiddle's alien droids would come hob-nobbing with the message ", Oops, looks like your query contained some bad words. Please try again!" However, some search terms are entirely blocked, and prompt an "Oops, try again!" error message.

This search engine is compatible with laptops, android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

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Why Kiddle?

As already mentioned, Kiddle for Kids is a good choice as the search results meet the family requirements; it filters all websites showing explicit content from the search results. Therefore, children are not exposed to any harmful content during the use of this website.

Another advantage of using Kiddle is that the font of the results is Large Arial, offering greater readability. Most search results are illustrated with big thumbnails, making it easier to scan, differentiate between them, and click on the results most relevant to your request. These thumbnails serve as visual clues and are especially beneficial to kids as they do not read as fast as adults.

Also, Kiddle does not collect any personal information from kids, due to which it is safe to use. Starting from result 8 are those results, which are meant for adults.
The website clearly indicates that Kiddle is a privately launched search product powered by Google Safe Search and is not affiliated with Google, as it was rumored to be an offering from Google.

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