Symmetry School - Learning Geometry the Fun Way

Symmetry School - Learning Geometry the Fun Way

Description:- Symmetry School is an engaging and brain-twisting game app designed to support and encourage mathematical development in children. It provides an intuitive learning experience and allows pupil to engage with symmetry in a fun way to

promote problem-solving skills.

Pain Point/Need:-

  • Game Based Learning , Common Core Standards
  • Study Aids, Printable Materials
  • Exercises & Worksheets

Platform:- iOS

Usability:- Symmetry School uses Geometry, the mathematics of shape and space, to introduce mathematical thinking in a fun and practical way to the learners. It is an interactive game for age group of 7 – 12+ years, and introduces reflective and rotational symmetry as an engaging mathematical puzzle. It encourages learners to use their intuition and imagination to explore symmetrical puzzles.

Using Symmetry School, the pupils will develop a foundation in spatial reasoning, problem solving and visualization, recognize simple spatial patterns and make predictions about them, learn to work systematically, develop fine motor skills, have fun and learn at the same time.

It is suitable for home or school use and has been developed in-line with international curriculum requirements for K-12 learning. It is available in English, French, German, Irish, Chinese and Spanish.


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