Symmetry School - Learning Geometry the Fun Way

Symmetry School - Learning Geometry the Fun Way

Walk-Through:- To register with Symmetry School, contact its team by filling up a form available at its website. The app has two game modes to choose from: Reflective Symmetry and Rotational Symmetry. Each mode also comes with three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

In Reflective Symmetry’s Easy level, you will see a vertical line of symmetry dividing the 8×8 grids into two equal parts and 12 objects of the same shape, put randomly on the right side of the board. From a pool of exact copies of these objects you have to drag and arrange them on the left-hand side such that they reflect the objects on the right. The Medium level adds a second line of symmetry that divides the board into 4×4 quadrants with up to 12 objects in one of the quadrants, and your task is to put copies of these objects in all the other quadrants by applying mirroring principles on both lines of symmetry. Finally, the Hard level randomly places the initial shapes in up to three quadrants instead of one.

The second mode, Rotational Symmetry tries to teach how 90-degree clockwise rotation works. On the same 8×8 grid, you start with four objects of the same shape plotted in two adjacent quadrants. In the Medium level, objects are placed in one of the quadrants, and you’re asked to put where the rotated copies should be in all the other quadrants. In the Hard level, you have to find out how the rotation would affect an object’s orientation as well.

If you're a teacher and you'd like to use the app in your class, there is a Flash version of the app available on the developer’s website. Here you can download free activities and lesson plans (Common Core Standards) and also access the Symmetry School online (Whiteboard version). This Teacher's Whiteboard Version allows you to play both game modes with all three difficulty levels on a web browser.


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