Symmetry School - Learning Geometry the Fun Way

Symmetry School - Learning Geometry the Fun Way

Prices:- $2.99 (Discounts Available)

Our Review:- The app is an excellent tool for learning geometrical concepts visually through trial and error. The feedback is almost immediate. The UI feels playful thanks to the use of bright colors and dynamic shapes. It promotes user engagement and interaction.

It’s really nice to see how the app uses hints instead of giving out the exact location of where a piece should be. Although it doesn't show any visible timer while you try to solve a board, once the board is completed, it will show you the number of moves and the total time you took to complete. You can then email the result if you want.

Symmetry School is an exquisite app that provides endless rounds of challenges to help kids perfect their concepts of reflection and rotational symmetry. Through the app, juniors can assess themselves and can take their time and progress whenever they’re ready. I recommend it to children as well as adults.

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