Saundz - English Pronunciation App

Saundz - English Pronunciation App

Description: - Saundz is an online educational software that helps non-native speakers of American English learn the 40 sounds of the language. Students can practice their pronunciation anytime via the Internet to improve it and reduce their accent.

Pain Point/Need:-

Language Learning

Study Aids

Platform: - iOS, Web

Usability:- For a majority of ESL (English as a Second Language) learners around the globe, the most common area of language inadequacy, as observed by industry experts is pronunciation or speaking ability. Saundz was developed to help people out of this issue.

Saundz has a comprehensive yet achievable curriculum which is not inclusive of several videos or unstructured lessons. Rather, it has various chapters, words, pronunciation exercises, animated visual representations of sound articulation, dictionary definitions, a personal virtual assistant named, Simone who works with you in private to make you learn and practice and three additional professionally recorded native speakers. You can utilize these resources altogether, for the betterment of your American English speaking skills and with this enough curriculum, in about 40 hours you will be, regardless of your language proficiency, well on your way to speaking like a pro.

Walk-Through: - You can register to Saundz by filling up a form or connect via Facebook. This provides you access to its Trial Version, you can also go ahead and buy the Saundz software.

Once you successfully login, you can start with a lesson, by selecting it from the Chapter tab, followed by a click on the first lesson item. You will now hear the correct pronunciation of the vowel sound and learn how to accurately pronounce it. You may switch to the side view by clicking on the Profile Switcher and advance through the lesson until you reach the last lesson item.

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