Saundz - English Pronunciation App

Saundz - English Pronunciation App

Now, you will be automatically redirected to the recording mode, where you can start recording your pronunciation, a maximum of three of these can be sent for assessment. You can listen to your practice recordings and when satisfied you can drag them to your best results field and upload them to the server. After upload, you can review your recordings and compare your pronunciation with the original correct one. After the system scores your results you will automatically get the Lesson Summary window, which shows a menu of the attempts made by you.  Record and upload at least 2 recordings to be able to advance to the next lesson.

Saundz features a number of chapters, lessons, words and pictures to learn from, 4 native speakers, a virtual assistant, which altogether provide you with advanced and innovative approaches to learn. It requires no installation and runs within a browser.

Prices: - Free trial of Saundz software lasts for 7 days or 7 chapters (whichever comes first).
All lessons for $9.99

Our Review:- Saundz is meant for anyone who has learned English as a second language and wishes to improve his/her vitally important pronunciation skills. It significantly improves the verbal communication skills of its users by giving them the ability toproduce clear, correct and confidently delivered English speech.

It teaches you how to position your mouth and tongue so you can form the unique sounds of English language appropriately, all with its easy-to-use curriculum. In as little as 5 lessons, it literally helps reshape the way you pronounce. One feature of Saundz that’s really impressive is its virtual teacher, Simone which seems absolutely realistic and provides a completely different approach to teaching American English phonetic pronunciation.

We feel that Saundz is a fun and effective way to help you improve your pronunciation, and we also believe that you will notice a significant improvement in your pronunciation skills as early as the first month, regardless of your current level of English. After you complete a course, you can use Saundz as your own reference guide. So, please go ahead and try it out yourself.

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