Online Plagiarism Checker by PlagiarismDetect

Online Plagiarism Checker by PlagiarismDetect
Description:- PlagiarismDetect  is an online plagiarism checker, for texts written in English and Spanish. It's fast, high-quality and operates on the updated search algorithm.

Pain Point/Need:-

Compatible Chalkable, Clever & LearnSprout

Plagiarism Checker

Platform:- Web

Usability:-Plagiarism has its presence felt widely over the academia and industry and is considered as a serious ethical offense, if not actually a crime. It can also lead to Copyright Infringement. This calls for the need of an accurate plagiarism detector, and PlagiarismDetect was designed for the purpose.

You can use PlagiarismDetect to check your work for similarities with open online sources. The report you receive states the overall similarity percentage, highlights the parts that are potentially plagiarized and also provides links to the sources where the similarities have been detected.

Its services can be used by Students, Companies, Educational Institutions or Businesses. They can integrate its customizable plagiarism-detect API, into their website/CMS or other system, whichallows them to check any texts for plagiarism right in their management system, without the need for going to its website.

Walk-Through:- Register to PlagiarismDetect through an online form or with your Facebook/Google accounts. Once you have bought credits (refer to our Prices Section), you’re ready to use it.

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