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Description:- QuizBean (formerly known as QuizPoo) is an online quiz creator for teachers and trainers to help them assess student learning. You can add unlimited questions, explanations and pictures to each question and share your quiz over social media, 

email, or direct with a link.


Pain Point/ Need:-


Quiz and Poll Creation


Platform:- Web, Android, iOS, Desktop


Usability:- QuizBean is meant to provide instant assessment for K-12 audience through simple and quick quizzes. Its vision is to help teachers instantly know how their students are doing and save them time and resources.

QuizBean is an online program that can be used in classrooms throughout the year for various lessons. It helps teachers check students' understanding of crucial material presented to them during the lesson to measure the level of critical thinking employed, engage students and increase lesson comprehension. It also allows students to study and prepare for upcoming tests by helping them create their own quizzes for self-assessment. It is an easy tool to navigate and use, even for students at the elementary level and helps teachers check learning progress. It can also be used by parents to help and keep track of their children’s learning. Trainers can use it to make training fun for their employees with online quizzes, which keep them engaged and quickly communicate basic concepts. Its format is also good for creating quizzes about characters or storylines in a book. You can create a quiz about characters from a book and have the questions be about a particular characteristic or action of the characters.


Walk-Through:- QuizBean can be used without registration, but you can sign-up for a free account to easily manage and distribute your quizzes.

On logging in you can go ahead to create a new quiz, you'll be asked to give your quiz a title and two answer choices. For now, QuizBean only works with two answers, and it is expected that more choices will be added soon. Now, you're ready to start creating questions. To add your questions, just type the question and click "Add Another Question". Plus, you can add an answer explanation and an image to be associated with the question as well. You also have the option to randomize the questions. When you're finished with your quiz, you can send it out via link, email, Facebook and/or Twitter. Now, your students can head over to QuizBean and try it out. While the students are taking the quiz they will see a running total of their score and percentage so they can assess their own performance.

Some distinct features of QuizBean are the unlimited questions it offers for a quiz, the provision for an image to be added to the quiz, the ability to provide explanations along with the answers and shareable quizzes.



  1. Free:
    • 6 Quizzes
    • 51 Students
  2. $5/mo:
    • 26 Quizzes
    • 101 Students
  3. $10/mo:
    • Unlimited Quizzes
    • Unlimited Students


Our Review:- QuizBean turns out to be an easy and unique tool for making online tests. It currently has a lot of practical applications in the classroom. It could be a great opening activity to explore your students' prior knowledge on a subject. It could also be used as a formative assessment tool if the teacher had the students create their own quizzes. The quizzes have an interactive look and feel about them that makes the user engagement rise considerably.

The feature that is really significant is that you can create explanations of the correct answer for your students to view immediately after trying each question in your quiz. This helps them learn in detail about where and why they went wrong. The explanation leaves an impression on them which helps them remember the correct answers easily. Another fascinating feature is that, illustrations in the form of images can be provided in the quizzes, which make them even more interesting and vivid.

Overall, while this new app still has some improvements and upgrades on the way, the simplicity and ease of use make it a worthwhile classroom tool. I’m certain that students will love using QuizBean because it gives them a sense of independence while using technology.


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