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Description:- Braingenie is a comprehensive Math and Science practice site providing practice and video lessons for a number of skills, using which you can learn, practice or quiz yourself.

It facilitates adaptive learning and the element of gaming 

(use of awards/badges) makes it more fun and competitive.

Pain Point/Need:-

Adaptive Learning

Game Based Learning

Exercises and Worksheets, Student Assessment, Study Aid, Test Prep

Open Educational Resources

Platform:- Web

Usability:- Braingenie is a very useful website for students and teachers of Math and Science. It covers most of the topics under these subjects, aided with extensive video lessons and practice questions, which help build mastery and sharpen problem-solving skills.

Students can use Braingenie to master a number of Math and Science skills using the available video lessons and practice exercises for each skill. They can follow their curriculum in class, and even learn at their own pace. They can also prepare for quizzes and tests and the gamified system of Braingenie, with the reward of badges and awards on progress keeps students motivated to learn.

Teachers can use Braingenie to create class groups, set goals and provide assignments to the students. They can also monitor their individual students’ and entire class’ progress.

Walk-Through:- Get started right away by clicking on ‘Learn and Practice’ or by going to the listed courses, but it’s best to set up an account to track your progress and compare it with your friends. So, sign-up as a student or a teacher to proceed.

On signing in as a student, you are taken to the home page of your profile, where you can see news updates about the activities of yourself, your classmates’ or that of the public on Braingenie. Your dashboard reflects the statistics of your performance. You can also view your goals and detailed progress reports. Your profile page showcases your rating and the awards won by you. You can also go ahead and join a class you’ve been invited to by a teacher. Explore all topics, subjects and concepts in the learning zone. Left side of the screen provides an outline of the entire course (Math, Algebra, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more) broken down into different subjects. Select a subject to see the units included under it. Each unit consists of different skills for you to practice. Practices are supplemented with videos, which help with the detailed understanding of a unit.

On signing in as a teacher, you’re taken to the homepage of your profile, where you’re provided with a checklist to get started. Select create your class and go ahead and enter your class name in it. Now, add students individually with the ‘create a student’ boxes or all at once. You can assign your students passwords to access their accounts and take note of your class code which is always required. For students who already have a Braingenie account, add them easily by entering their username or Email. You can use class goals to track each student’s progress across the concepts in Braingenie. Click on the ‘new goal’ button, enter your goal name, after which you’ll be taken to the learning zone where you can search for individual topics, concepts or skills to add.

Braingenie lists subjects according to Common-Core standards for grades 1-7. It employs Adaptive Learning, which allows students to learn at their own pace . It makes use of gaming elements like awards and badges that keep high your motivation to progress and allows you to compete in real-time multiplayer matches.

Prices:- Free

Our Review :- Braingenie makes it easy to search and find specific skills that you need in order to become a Math/Science superstar. It is a most comprehensive repository of Math and Science practice materials. With a range of diverse practice problems and video lessons it assures sound learning.

Two of Braingenie’s features are particularly noteworthy. One, being its approach of Adaptive Learning, by which the instructions adapt themselves to a student’s learning needs as indicated by their responses to the questions asked. This allows students to learn at their own pace and makes the learning experience more substantial, effective and personalized. Another is the incorporation of motivating reward elements (badges/awards) and multiplayer competitions which keep high the students’ spirits to progress and succeed.

I recommend it to students who want to work on their Math and Science skills. At Braingenie, they will discover the most credible and effective resources and will be able to assess themselves constantly with practice questions. Teachers will find it equally useful, as here they get to organize their classes, are provided with extensive material on Math and Science, can set and accomplish goals and track student performance with progress reports.

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