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MyTestBuddyDescription : Mytestbuddy is a collaborative web-based learning platform providing study aids and practice tests to help prepare students for standardized tests such

as SAT, AIPGME, GMAT, GRE, CAT, AIEEE and more in an engaging and interactive learning environment.

Pain-points :

Test Prep

Student Assessment

Classroom Management

Digital Content and News


Platform : Web, Android

Usability : Mytestbuddy is developed to comprehend needs of students of diverse study fields. It makes the monotonous and tedious learning process livelier, relaxed and an enriching experience. It allows you to interact with your peers and professors to seek guidance and share ideas. You can also meet like-minded people who are preparing for the same examinations and can become each other’s support and study partners. You can ask questions to professors to take their valuable advice. Its notes bank helps you create notes while preparing for subjects and store them for future reference.

Mytestbuddy can be used by students to study online for competitive exams and to learn socially. It can be used by teachers to develop content, increase class interaction, track progress, improve outcomes and make content accessible. Companies can use it for recruitment processes, curricular development, etc., and consultants can use it for online consultations, meeting students, career guidance and for personalized educational catalogues and websites.

Walkthrough : Signup with Mytestbuddy by filling a simple form or signup with Facebook. This creates you a free account which can be upgraded to a premium account which provides you access to its advanced features like premium tests, report cards, score cards.

Once logged on you’ll see the test center and educational stream in front of you where you’ll be able to practice random questions and read blogs and articles based on the exam you’re preparing for. On the top menu bar you are provided with convenient links to navigate through the site. Your stream takes you to the articles you’ve created.The discussion board is a place to interact with other members and discuss your problems, introduce yourself, ask questions and help your peers. You can find hundreds of practice tests in the free tests section and also find mock and premium tests for which account upgradation is required. At any time you can monitor your progress with a custom report card and you have to keep playing the challenge, creating quizzes, commenting on articles and practicing questions to gain more badges and points.

Mytestbuddy has a lot of features such as a discussion board, online MCQs, notes, solo practice, report cards, score cards, articles, online coaching class, mock tests, thousands of practice questions and the ability to earn points and badges. With Mytestbuddy mobile app, currently available on Android market students can study on the go. It is free to download and provides special packages for students to study online.

Mytestbuddy has developed an ‘MTB online class’ for teachers who want to conduct an e-class. Here they can put up lectures, quiz tests and notes according to the subjects and topics they wish to conduct. They can also post question banks and discuss the topics and can organize and maintain their classes and keep records.

Prices :

Basic: Free

Premium: Starting at INR 700/year.

Our Review : Mytestbuddy offers a comprehensive and student-centric interface allowing students preparing for similar examinations to come together and study online. With a testing platform, discussion forums and interactive report cards it makes sure that students get hooked to their studies.

It provides an opportunity to students to not only communicate with other students but also access its various applications such as notes, articles and question of the day, article of the day, MCQs, discussion board, and more that helps them make their studying experience fun.

It helps educators collaborate online more efficiently, streamline communication , engage parents and help them achieve new milestones through innovative technology features such as Goal Setting Standard, Intelligent Test series & Report Cards, Experiential nomination by assigning Fun Badges & Cards to more engaged players, etc., thereby increasing a student's performanceconsiderably.

Mytestbuddy plans to provide comprehensive curriculum for preparation of examinations and tutorials in future. Using Mytestbuddy, we can bring about a true individualized learning through the help of both teachers and the student community via the social platform web integration. I recommend you to give it a shot.

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Author: Saomya Saxena
Educational technology blogger, loves to research and write about tools and tips for educators on how to integrate technology into everyday instruction creatively and effectively. Fond of reading and writing.

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