Description: Call-Em-All is a communication platform that offers automated messaging service for voice broadcasting and text messages which allows you to send important alerts, notifications or reminders to groups of people instantly.

Pain Points/Needs: Communication Utilities

Platform: Web

Usability: Call-Em-All makes automated calling and group messaging easy. Its automated calling service saves you the time and stress of having to reach everyone on your contact list individually.

Call-Em-All can be used by different people, groups and organizations for a variety of purposes. Schools can use Call-Em-All’s school notification system to send parents emergency alerts, reminders about report cards, field trips and school events. Teachers can use Call-Em-All to text their students and parents without needing to use their own phone and giving out their phone numbers. They can offer homework or assignment tips and use group SMS to reinforce lessons from the day. They can also use it to organize and communicate with other teachers, set meetings, synchronize lesson plans, and organize committees. Colleges & Universities can send out tuition pay reminders, campus events and emergency notifications. They can inform about any schedule changes and coordinate staff. Businesses can use it to set appointment reminders, notify staff and make important announcements.

Walkthrough: You can use Call-Em-All’s free trial by signing up to create an account and upgrading it later. You can use the service through a simple procedure of three steps.

The first step is to add contacts to your contact list by uploading a file of your phone numbers or typing them manually. Next you need to create a message, you can record your voice message or input your text message using Call-Em-All’s toll-free number or from your computer or mobile device. Lastly, you need to send and analyze your message, schedule when you want your message to be delivered, then track and analyze the results in real time.

The home page of your profile shows your active and completed broadcasts and the available and pending credit balance. From here, you can create a new broadcast and manage your contacts. You also have access to an audio library where you can add your messages to keep a record of them, by recording over the phone or uploading an audio file. You can view reports of credit balance, monthly credit usage, messenger activity showing a broadcast summary of your messages, charge history which shows charges made to your account in the past year and opt out report which shows all recipients who have opted out of your broadcasts.

Call-Em-All has many special features. It provides you with real-time reports of every message you send, which can be easily accessed and downloaded; offers support 24/7; allows you to use your own caller ID so calls look like they're coming from you or your organization; has voicemail detect so you can drop a message to a person who didn’t answer your call; you can preview and re-record a message any number of times before sending it; you can manage your contacts by creating any number of audience groups and send messages to specific groups; you can poll or survey your recipients by adding a question to your message; and schedule the time of your message delivery.

Pay as you go - Starting @ 9¢/credit

Monthly - Starting @ $7.50/month

Our Review: Call-Em-All is an automated voice and text messaging service that is simple, easy-to-use and affordably priced. Using this, institutions, businesses or organizations, large or small, can quickly communicate with their students, employees, clients or customers. Its software-as-a-service (S-a-a-S) platform enables clients to send business critical and event triggered voice or text messages to increase communication, connectivity, response, sales, optimize marketing investments and strengthen relationships.

Call-Em-All’s voice and text messaging service is also available to individuals and community groups, including sports teams, religious organizations and schools, enabling communication in minutes to groups of all sizes in a way that is fast, easy and affordable. It has no contracts, has very low per-message costs, and makes an efficient and powerful auto calling and texting platform.

Presently, Call-Em-All is offering service to the U.S, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico, but hopes to extend the reach of its service to other countries around the world in the near future. It employs the latest in voice and SMS/text messaging technology to ensure security, redundancy, and the highest quality of service when placing automated calls and texts.

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