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Description: The School App ( is a student planner app that lets schools utilize the commonly used technology that students bring in by allowing them to use their phone, tablet, laptop or computer (in BYOD initiatives) to manage their school workload and organize their school day in a more effective manner.

Pain points/ Needs:

  • News
  • To-do lists
  • Student Information Systems
  • Student Organizers

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web, Desktop

Usability: Teachers often feel that the disorganization of some of the students within the class holds back their progress and there is a need for them to plan their school work more effectively and also keep the entire day’s activities organized. To address to this need, the School App was created which allows students to utilize the technology that they use the most and bring to class.

This application is a modern twist to the traditional school homework diary. It can be used by all students as it is available on diverse platforms. Students can use it to record, monitor and track their homework and assignments. They are sent automatic reminders to remind them about the homework that is due. They can view their school timetable, important school documents, news items, videos and calendar events on this app. Teachers can send unlimited messages directly to students’ mobile phones. The School App is unique and can be customized to each individual school to suit their particular needs.

Walkthrough: There are three different types of accounts within the School App system namely, Administrator, Teacher and Student.

Schools are provided with one Administrator account, which they can use to access the system’s Admin panel and create as many other accounts as needed. The administrator can create more accounts of any of the three kinds, create groups and assign them to students, add/edit school subjects, create/modify timetable, upload Word, PDF docs, new articles, videos to the app, send messages to individual students or groups, modify the navigation bar, color scheme, school logo and homepage text on the app.

Teacher accounts are used by teachers to use the app’s features without modifying anything. Teachers can send messages to individual students or groups and upload Word, PDF docs, new articles and videos to the app.

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Student accounts are required for students to login to the app. Each student of the school is issued a username and password. These are created by administrators either individually or in bulk. Students can access all three app platforms (iOS, Android and Web). Once a student is logged into the app, they will see a Homepage which contains the school logo and short description. A student can go to the Homework screen by using the Homework tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of the app, here they can record and manage their homework and assignments. The Timetable area can be accessed by using the Timetable tab which allows students to view/edit their school timetable. Students can receive messages sent by administrators or teachers which are displayed in the Messages page, which is accessed by using the Messages tab. The most recent message is displayed at the top and when a new message is received the student will receive a push notification. Lastly, the Information area can be accessed using the Information tab. It allows students to view important school information in different sections namely, News, Documents, Calendar and Videos.

The School App has many features such as, it is customized to each school and is designed using your school’s color scheme, name and logo. It displays the school’s information and policies and meets your schools requirements; the Timetable section where students can view their school timetable; the Homework section where students can enter details about their homework and assignments; the Diary section which records school’s key dates, it can be personalized by each student; the Messaging section where messages can be sent to students and alumni; and the Information section reflecting all important school information.

Prices: £2.29 per Student account per year.

Our Review: The School App replaces the traditional paper planners and allows students to use the technology on their phones, tablets or laptops to organize their studies. The main benefits of the app are that it reduces costs since it is less expensive than the traditional school planners, improves student engagement and organization, can be used by all students in your school due to its availability on various platforms, improves communication between school and students as messages can be directly sent to the devices of students and provides a fully synchronized Diary, Homework and Timetable.

The Web version of the app is also available so that students without a phone can access the full range of features from any computer connected to the Internet. Its service includes continuous use of the app with unlimited free messages, diary additions, all add updates and comprehensive support. The Alumni option allows schools to easily stay in contact with students who have passed out. The students have access to an up-to-date school diary with automatic reminders of upcoming events.

It was created to engage students with planning their school work more effectively, by utilizing their mobile phones. Go ahead and improve your school image by embracing this latest technology of a student planner app for your schools.

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