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MillionCenters – One-stop Platform that Connects Learners, Teachers and Learning Centers

MillionCenters – One-stop Platform that Connects Learners, Teachers and Learning Centers

Are you a passionate learner who wants to learn any subject/hobby/activity but find difficult to get the right teacher/trainer or learning center? Or, are you a passionate teacher/tutor/trainer or proprietor of a learning center who wants to teach others but often struggles to attract learners or manage the center?

If you are, you have come to the right page. A Delhi-based startup, called MillionCenters, is providing just the right solution for you through its technology-based online platform. MillionCenters is a simple one-stop online platform that connects learners with teachers/tutors/trainers and learning institutions near them.

By bridging the gap between people who want to learn and people who want to teach, MillionCenters aspires to be a platform for listings learning centers. It aims to bring quality benchmarks with easy search and cloud software for these centers, which range from pre-school to tuition centers, activity/hobby centers to personality development centers.

MillionCenters helps both learners and teachers/trainers/learning centers rediscover the joy of doing something they love

It provides a platform where people can easily discover and connect with the best tutors, learning centers and trainers near them for hobbies as well as coaching and tuition. Learners/students can at their comfort find tutors from wide choices verified centers and teachers who are highly qualified and trained. They can explore and compare profiles based on reviews and also post their learning requirements and preferences. Similarly, tutors/teachers/trainers and learning centers can build their online identity and reputation, get easily discovered by learners near them and connect with their target audience. Not just that, they can also manage their teaching business with software.

Popular activities available at MillionCenters

MillionCenters works hard towards providing a one-stop solution to all personal and educational needs of everyone. The platform provides a wide range of activities which users can easily choose and avail according to their needs and requirements. Some of the popular activities available at MillionCenters include tuition, dance, music, yoga and spiritual, fitness, gym, martial arts, photography, language, cookery, hobby, playschool, etc.

How it works

All one needs is the MillionCenters app, which is available on Playstore and Appstore, and register oneself as a student, tutor or service provider. Once the profile goes live, one can have access to all the centers and tutors, both personal and private near them. Learners can search millions of learning centers around them, choose what they want to learn, contact the desired center and get started with the learning journey. Tutors/teachers/trainers/centers can let the world know about the USPs of their center by sharing their details, services and facilities, and connect with interest based learning seekers and get maximum leads to leverage their business growth. MillionCenters app is very user-friendly and it is very convenient for anyone to log in, register and connect with the best teachers and trainers near them.

Founded just in 2019, MillionCenters claims to have presence in 6+ cities with more than 10,000 registered learners, 8000+ verified tutors and is growing at a fast pace. The startup aims to reach the target of 5000 downloads in the next two months, after its launch in July.

However, MillionCenters has competition from various established online tutoring apps such as Genext Students, Vidyanext, Qriyo, HashLearn, and Flipclass. While others are mostly for academic tutoring, Qriyo provides right home tutor for not only academic studies but also for competitive exams, yoga, music, dance, and languages. But what makes MillionCenters stand out is the way it bridges the gap between learners and teachers.

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