• Career Assessment

    Career Assessment

  • Digital Classroom

    Digital/Virtual Classroom - Tips & Insights

    Digital/Virtual Classroom - Articles, Tools & Insights

    Digital Classroom also known as Virtual Classroom, Smart Classroom refers to the technology enabled classroom where student learning and interaction with the instructor and peers is fully supported through strategic use of information and communication technologies. Such classrooms are equipped with teaching aids that help students and teachers in better learning and teaching processes. On this page you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • Educational Data Mining

    Educational Data Mining - Tools, Articles and Insights

  • English

    English Learning - Apps and Tools

    English being a global language now and people opting for ESL (English as Second Language) courses signifies the importance of knowing this language. This page highlights articles, tips, insights, apps, tools, and other resources for English learning.

  • EdTech Investors

    EdTech Investors

  • Asia

    Education in Asia-Pacific Region - Resources

    This page will help you understand more about the education in Asia-Pacific Region. Here's where you will find resources on education system in Asia-Pacific Region, learning in Asia-Pacific Region, high school in Asia-Pacific Region, educational technology in Asia-Pacific Region and more such relevant articles.

  • Freemium Apps

    Education Technology - Apps and Tools

    Education Technology - Apps and Tools

    The way we teach has evolved with time. Now with advent of technology it has become easier for educators to use various tools and make the learning and teacher experience better and efficient. On this page you will find relevant list of articles which contains the best tools for educators and teachers, reviews of the tools, explanations on how to incorporate such tools and more.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Skill Development

    Skill Development

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain in Education Technology

  • NonProfits

    Education - Role of NGOs'

    Education being one of the essential need is supported by many NGOs. This page highlights the role of NGO in education, non profit organizations in education, latest information on the same and other relevant articles on the same.

  • K-12

    K-12 Education - Articles, Tips & Insights

    K-12 education comprises the sum of primary and secondary education. With advent of technology, a lot of institutions have started to integrate technology and delivering education with the help of technology is sometimes shortened to k-12 online. This page features all the articles, insights, tips, and other resources related to K-12 education and the use of technology in the same.

  • Funding

    EdTech Funding - Information and Resources

    Education being one of the most attractive field to invest draws a lot of attraction. On this page you will get many education funding resources, school funding resources, ways to connect with potential investors for educational funding and more.

  • Information Technology

    Technology in Schools/Classroom - Articles

    IT in schools has benefited institutions with management functions a lot. Online management systems are widely used across institutions for various purposes. This page showcases resources on information technology for schools, information system for school, student management system and more such relevant articles.

  • Certification

    EdTech Certifications - Resources

  • Podcasts

    edtech podcast

    EdTech Podcast

    A podcast is an episodic series of digital media files which a user can set up so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user's own local computer or portable media player. There are numerous podcast apps and tools for android, iPhone, windows as well as podcast sites that helps in converting the files. On this page you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • Tips for Teachers/Educators

    tips for teachers and educators

    Tips for Teachers/Educators - News and Insights

    Technologically aided institutions are being able to access material that is available over web and consume it for the betterment of the students. This page highlights many such teaching tools and tips for teachers and educators, teaching materials and more to help educators with the same.

  • Business Model

    Business Model

  • Coronavirus/COVID-19

    Education During COVID-19/Coronavirus Crisis

  • EdTech Startups/Companies

    EdTech Startups - News

    EdTech Startups - News 

    This page highlights all the business related news like news on investors, funding, startups, etc in the sector of education. Here's where you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, news etc on the same.