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  • Query Based Learning

    Query Based Learning is a learning approach where the learner has a dialogue with a teacher, which provides on request learning suggestions about the concept to be learnt. Here's where you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • Question & Answer

    Question Answer Sites helps people finding resources and information to their queries as well as some have the feature to help you connect with experts or like minded people. This page will help you find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • Quiz

    Tech integration has made it easy for educators to prepare exercises, papers, tests, assignments and other practice/assessment materials for the students. This page will help you find relevant free online quiz creator software, app & tool for Teachers and other resources such as relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc for the same.

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    Track down the curated lists of best educational quotes on this page. Here's where you will find educational quotes for students and teachers, student and teacher quotes and more such articles.

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    Educators, Students, Education Leaders and all education stakeholders will find this page of good use. This page has listed all the educational resources and edtech media resources that will give you all the details, insights, news, information and more in the field of education and educational technology.

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  • Robotics

    Educational robotics is a broad term that refers to a collection of activities, instructional programs, physical platforms, educational resources and pedagogical philosophy. This page will help you with relevant articles, tips, insights, apps, robotics projects for kids, details on growth of robotics in schools education and more.

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  • Rural Area/Low-Income

    This page will give you list to resources on education in rural areas, low income areas, schools, education grants and more such relevant information.

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  • Sales/Selling

    The edtech market is huge and this page will help you with all the latest news and information on sales and selling happening around. Here's where you will find all the sales related information of edtech sector.

  • Scholarship

    A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria of every institution. This page highlights various best app to find scholarships for college students, tips and insights on how to get scholarships and other relevant resources on the same.

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