20+ Companies Providing Best 3D Printers For Schools

Companies Providing Best 3D Printers For Schools

3D printing has been one of the hot topics in education. Compared to other technologies, it is a new addition to improve education via tech.

The manufacturing world has changed for the better as 3D printing has created an impact in the domain. Many manufacturers use additive manufacturing technologies to produce aeroplane parts, medical prosthetic limbs, and even 3D-printed medications.

As per a study from 2014, it is evident that 3D printing significantly improved spatial learning. When used in education, the technology of 3D printing can improve learning, skill development, and engagement many-fold better. While we continue to focus on STEAM education, 3D printing is one technology that compliments it. Also, 3D printing sparks greater creativity and collaboration in solving problems.

The best part is that 3D printing can be included at all school levels. It enables educators to provide students with accurate physical prototypes, which can provide practical, hands-on knowledge. This hands-on understanding of the concept is beneficial for students, especially for scientific concepts. Not just education, the technology can also enhance soft skills among students as it requires them to work collaboratively. 

Here's a list of companies that are providing 3D printers for the education industry.


Based out of Bengaluru, they believe in the power of 3D printing for engaging classrooms and offer tailored education solutions. The company specialises in customising 3D printing solutions as per the precise needs of the model, prototype, or product by offering multiple options to the client to choose from a slew of 3D printing services according to their precise needs. Their solutions are available for many industries, including education, engineering, medical, industrial and more. Read more about their services from their case studies on the website. 


This company is based out of USA. Founded in 2009, it is one of the best 3D Printers providers for education. What sets their services apart from the rest are their personalised solutions for education stakeholders. Their 3D printer packages are carefully designed, keeping both educators and students in mind. They also offer standards-aligned lesson plans and the comprehensive ISTE-certified 10-hour 3D printing and curriculum creation training to ensure seamless classroom-ready workflow with 3D printing. Their website also features various guides on the use of 3d printers for education and in-classroom that can help educators and education stakeholders learn more about it.  

Dremel DigiLab

Their 3D printing solutions offer a project-based learning approach that helps children develop real-world skills. All their solutions can be customised to Aligned with common core or any specific standards ensuring fulfilment of specific learning objectives. One of the best 3D printer ones can get from this company is Dremel Digilab 3D45. This particular machinery by Dremel won the 2019 All3DP Best 3D Printer for Schools Award, is a very resilient device for a classroom setting.


A little story behind their brand name defines 3D printers in a unique way. "ELE" comes from the word electronic, which means open-source electronic. "GOO" comes from the word googol, meaning the 100th power of 10. The written form is 1, followed by 100 zeros, referring to the huge amount of structural models brought by 3D printers. Found in 2015 in Shenzhen, China, the company is dedicated to providing practical kits of electronic and structural tools that students, enthusiasts, and veteran geeks could find needed at their stages. The founder, Chris Hong, believes that the application of STEM is ubiquitous and aims to provide students with needed technology and tools to make it a part of their education. They have multiple solutions that will cater to the vivid needs of the different classroom, grade, level etc. one of their most known devices is The Elegoo Mars, which is a great machine for older students who can handle the complexities of resin printing. 


Headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts, the company is spread across various regions globally known for its advanced, top-class 3D printing solutions. They cater to many industries, including education, and their solutions are used at over 90 per cent of the top universities in the US, including oxford university, Harvard University, duke university, and more. Their 3d printing solutions can be easily integrated into STEAM curricula, making learning engaging, real and innovative for students. The website also features many resources that educators using this technology would find useful. Among many printers they have, the one that is known the most is FormLabs form 2. This is a desktop 3D printer that sets the standard for affordable, professional 3D printing.  


Found in 2010 in Europe, the company provides 3D printing solutions ideal for developing creative young minds and building for classroom use demands. Keeping all important aspects of classroom teaching in mind, from affordability to advanced dual extrusion and connectivity, they have developed a 3D printer that will suit all classroom needs – renowned for reliability and ease of use. Among many solutions, one of their most renowned machines is Ultimaker S5 3D Printer that can easily 3D print larger parts with world-leading material compatibility, an award-winning touch interface, and filament run-out detection.


The company says that their machines are reliable, easy to use, sparks innovation and inspiration among kids to help them level up their education and learning. Found in 2011 in the USA, the company proudly serves Fortune 500 companies, NASA, other reputed agencies, and top universities. Their website also features ready-made models on the online repository where teachers can access blueprints and start their 3D printing journey in the classroom. Among all their machines, LulzBot Mini 2 is the most chosen one for the education industry. 


The company offers 3D printing technology-based curriculum that will help students learn the STEAM principles and prepare for the future with their advanced tools. With an action-ready approach, their solutions are available for primary and secondary school students. For educators who are new to the concept, the company offers a detailed online curriculum that will help you deliver a step-by-step engaging STEAM-based lesson using child-centric 3D software and 3D printers along the way. The company offers a great selection of tools for every classroom environment. With their solutions at hand, you can equip each classroom or creating a school's maker lab.  

Robo 3D

Found in 2013 by two college students, Robo 3D is pushing the boundaries of classroom 3D printing. The company offers multiple steam solutions, including 3d printers that are simple, smart, safe, easy to use and something that will bring life to your classroom. Their renowned model, Robo E3, is the one most loved by education experts. It is not only easy to use but is highly reliable as well. The model features many educational programs targeting different school-age groups, making t easy to address different ages and grades. All this is in addition to over 20 design challenges, enough to inspire students to get creative and use their imaginations at best. The 3D printer also features two hours of US standard lessons for students.

Sculpto Plus

The company has been in the industry since 2015 and has delivered 3D printers to thousands of people to date. One of their most unique solutions is Sculpto PRO2. His 3d printer will change the way most students do their DIY projects. This wireless machine is connected through Wi-Fi, unlike most other 3D printers. The Setup is easy, and to use the printer, one must have the Sculpto app. Users have to type in the printer's serial number in the app, and Sculpto will automatically ask to connect to your Wi-Fi. It's that simple. After that, the app becomes your remote control to the printer, and from there, you can browse between 100.000 different 3D models, follow the printer's status, and start with your 3D printing journey.


3Dexter is an initiative that aims to incorporate 3D printing in education to provide enhanced technological education in schools and colleges. Their services are dedicated to the education domain, and they undertake the responsibility to assist educational institutions throughout their journey of getting started with 3D printing. They also offer 3D printing training courses ideal for anyone who wants to stay abreast with the latest technology in 3D printing technology. Their services are ideal for schools and colleges. Do read their inspiring story behind the brand and how they look forward to bring 3D printing to every school in India. 


Found in 2002 in Marl, Germany, EnvisionTEC has become a world leader in 3D printer manufacturing while specialising in rapid prototyping and equipment. Their professional 3D printing solutions and EnvisionTEC 3D printers are a few among the top 3d printers as they offer a comprehensive material, printer and software platform. Their solutions are ideal for education needs, and the company offers five different models specifically designed for educational needs. 


Stratasys is a manufacturer of 3D printer and 3D production systems for various industries, including education. They offer multiple solutions for 3D printing in education. With more than ten different printers to offer, the company definitely has something that would help students build critical thinking skills with the technology of 3D printing. Their comprehensive curriculum includes in-depth lectures, discussions and hands-on projects to help students prepare for the careers of tomorrow.

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