20+ Companies Providing Best 3D Printers For Schools

Companies Providing Best 3D Printers For Schools


The company is known well for their 3D printers and their courses to learn about 3D printing on various levels. Learners who enrol for their courses get to learn from top engineers on a one-to-one basis. The courses are customised to learners' requirements, helping them with an overall development while ensuring they're learning everything they want. Their courses are ideal for schools, colleges, university students aged from 6+ to 17 years, and advanced professional learners from 18+. Apart from the courses, they offer varied 3D printers, among which one would find their right fit. The company is based out of India.


The company aims to help educators and students bridge the widening gap between theoretical learning and practical applications. They understand the potential of 3D printing and want to equip young minds with the right technology that'll help them imagine, innovate and create. The company offers world-class, industrial grade and easy-to-use 3D printers crafted to be a catalyst and tool in empowering creators and makers of tomorrow.


The company offers on-demand 3D printing services to share your prototype and get your model printed quickly. Their network of manufacturers starts working on your prototype as soon as you share the CAD file and ensure you get your model on time. Their Quick-turn prototyping and short production run for all industries. The company boasts of delivering over 6 million parts to more than 35,000 companies, including many educational institutes. 


ExOne provides educational institutes with a selected 3D printers that allow students to gain experience in research and workforce skill development with their 3D printing solutions. This supports innovation for ExOne and also provides students with hands-on experience with additive manufacturing technology. The company is committed to spreading awareness of the possibilities of 3D printing and STEM education. To fulfil their commitment, ExOne has developed two programs for students: BotsIQ and 3Du toolbox.

  • BotsIQ is a STEM program that brings students from various school together to compete with battle robots helping them understand the new design possibilities afforded by 3D printing.
  • 3DuTM toolbox is an educational supplement for universities and school districts that provides teaching materials to help students understand the functions and benefits of additive manufacturing, focusing on binder jetting.

The company is also working closely with various institutes as R&D Partners in Sand and Metal 3D Printing


Voxeljet is a global innovator and technology driver for advanced 3D printing solutions. Equipped with Their 3D production systems sustainably shift the economic parameters and possible applications of additive manufacturing in various industries with the state-of-the-art binder-jet components that seamlessly integrate into partially or fully automated production environments. The company offers a range of products, from compact 3D printers to fully automated 3D production systems.


From having ideas to making objects, GlowForge is ideal for unleashing creativity in the classroom with their 3D printing solutions. Specially curated for classroom learning, the company offers lessons, tutorials, resources, and 3d printing solutions that'll help you create a maker environment in the classroom. The lessons offered are STEAM-oriented, with a focus on Design Thinking Process. The company helps students discover their potential to make things and exercise design fundamentals with 2D and 3D objects. Their printer models are available in basic, pro, and plus variations that'll meet all the classroom needs per varied grades and ages.    

3D Systems

Apart from the best in making 3D printers, the company also offers software suites and instructional materials specifically curated for educational institutes. Integrate these and watch your classroom transform in no time. Whether you are looking for 3D scanning, Reverse Engineering, Inspection, or Design for Additive Manufacturing, 3D Systems offers a package that will meet the needs of your curriculum. 


Whether you're teaching a class of future engineers, prototyping in a university laboratory, or expanding your manufacturing knowledge with continued learning, you'll find a mix of valuable design tools here. The company offers on-demand 3D printing services and will make sure you have your prototype in your hands well within time. Their engineering experience and ability to quick production are apt for universities' iterative development cycles and short deadlines. Their offer industrial-grade 3D printing (additive manufacturing), CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection moulding for prototypes and functional, end-use parts within days. Apart from this, you can also access various informative whitepapers, join free webinars and learn more about the technology from their website.

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