Global Companies Working On Student Well-Being

Global Companies On Student Well-Being

OneSeventeen Media

Found by Amy Looper in 2008, the company offers a suite of mobile apps to help kids make wiser decisions independently for effective real-time classroom behavior management and school safety. The reputation of the solution lies in their accolades as they've been the winner of the 2021 "United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Health Innovation Technology Challenge. The platform solves complex issues for children's social-emotional well-being with on-demand messaging that's evidence-based, personalized & predictive. Other features include evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy powered by chatbots and supported by certified adolescent therapists, counselors, and coaches. The tool is so powerful that it has already prevented a school shooting and multiple youth suicides.


Peekapak offers a range of solutions for elementary education kids, middle school, and administrators. The platform focuses on developing knowledge and creating awareness around the social-emotional well-being of students and one's being. The platform offers a specially curated curriculum, including a portal that allows teachers to track and monitor students. The activities and lessons are engaging. It also uses gamification for the students in elementary school to keep them engaged and aware.

Brighten Learning

Brighten learning focuses on essential skills for life for all learners. Their solutions include Social Skills Development, Emotional Knowledge, Career Exploration, and Independent Living Skills. They also offer interactive learning programs that teach students the crucial skills for success in and out of the classroom. The availability of animated interactive lessons allows users to practice the skills needed to manage real-life social situations in a safe environment.  

Students Mind

Student Minds is the UK's student mental health charity.

The platform empowers students and university community members to understand and develop skills and confidence to look after their mental health and support others in bringing the change. They train students and university staff to deliver student-led peer support interventions and research-driven workshops and campaigns. Their collaborative approach helps them share best practices and ensure that the student voice influences decisions about student mental health.


SuperBetter is an innovative solution that uses game-based learning to build social-emotional skills among students. It focuses on helping students build resilience, interpersonal communication, and mental well-being.

Resilient Educator 

The platform offers well-being resources for educators that they can integrate into their classrooms and create healthy dialogue around the issues of holistic well-being. 


RealTalk aims to help the Instagram generation know that they are not alone. The platform creates awareness by sharing authentic teen stories on puberty, bullying, identity, and mental health and connects teens with additional resources. The platform ensures that all teenagers have the correct information, resources, and support to be healthy, regardless of their location.  

Iesha Learning

Iesha Learning provides sex education and gender content for boys and girls. They educate children on puberty, love, menstruation, menstrual hygiene, emotional changes, reproduction, sexual health, consent, gender sensitization, girl empowerment and education, LGBTQ, and more! Understanding the crucial need to address sex education in Indian institutes, they work around their curriculum to ensure students learn about sexual well-being. They offer multimedia content, games, discussions, and worksheets; to deliver the correct information. Schools, NGOs, and institutions can get in touch to adopt their courses. 


Striver aims to improve the long-term physical and mental well-being of primary-aged pupils aged between 5-11 years.  The platform ensures that children of all abilities feel motivated and engaged, and teachers of all experience levels feel confident and in control. The physical education scheme of work includes health and well-being lessons. The platform features over 250 PE lessons, supported by six well-being units, all together in a web platform. 


Story Moment uses the art of storytelling and touches upon some critical day-to-day emotions kids experience while teaching them how to deal with them. The tool stands out in its approach towards children's activities after the story ends. The stories and practices in the tool are carefully designed to create an emotional experience between parents and children. They read aloud or listen to each story and practice the recommended activities like breathing exercises and mini-meditation intended exclusively for children. The stories consciously and engagingly touch on many important issues such as negative emotions and challenging life circumstances. At the same time, they focus on nurturing creativity and garnering compassion, acceptance, and appreciation of the beauty and diversity of our surroundings. The tool uses stories to engage children and provoke them to think and be creative while maintaining a calm mind.


Untaboo is a company dedicated to Sex-Sexuality-Safety education. The platform focuses on sexual health and creates a dialogue around it by parting age-appropriate education. The company educates through several diverse mediums such as Workshops, Community Interventions, Talks, Play, Stand-Up Comedy, Blogs, Books, WhatsApp Support Groups & YouTube. Their Sex Education Is Age-Appropriate & Includes: Teaching kids about the Okay and Not Okay touch, Knowing their bodies & learning to respect not only theirs but others bodies as well, Understanding the Difference between the male and female bodies, Learning about the Changes at Puberty - physical, emotional as well as social and then moving on to a wide variety of topics related to Sex, Sexuality, Relationships, and Safety.

Nip In The Bud

Nip in the Bud aims to create awareness around mental health through FREE online films and fact sheets. The content is fit for teachers, school staff, parents and others caring for primary school children to understand and recognize potential mental health conditions. Believing that early intervention is the key, the platform helps educators, parents, and primary caregivers identify the early signs of deteriorating mental well-being among kids and students today. The content provided is mental health professionals making it reliable. Users can also access a free presentation for INSET, downloadable from the Nip in the Bud website.


My Peegu aims to be the world's first child development tracking system. Their solution supports schools with real-time reports on kids' behavior and helps them in identifying child development issues at an early stage. The tool monitors child's behavior at School and helps strengthen the bond between Parents and Kids through various activities. Parents and teachers can communicate about the behavior of the child anytime and discuss issues. Psychologists on board can tap the sensitive areas of child development and work towards bringing up the developmental areas of children where they are lagging behind. This whole process ensures that the child’s issues are taken care of.

Alo Learning

Alo Learning offers an add-on curriculum to track and enhance a child's all-round development. Their solution caters to students of grade 6 to grade 10. The tool initially assesses and tracks the performance levels of a child in 20+ skills in the domain of interpersonal skills, thinking skills, visual design skills, and 21st-century literacy. Based on the results, the platform offers a personalized plan of learning experiences consisting of hands-on activities, games, and exposures on various topics like engineering, public speaking, coding, design, etc. The students get to participate in these activities through 2–4-hour classes on weekends and online games and tools through our Alo app for home.

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