What EdTech Founders, Ed Leaders & Investors Say About Union Budget for Education

Union Budget on education

Dr. Sridhar G., Founder, Deeksha:

"Increased focus on delivering education in regional languages will help improve learning outcomes by overcoming the language barrier. The pandemic has brought out the need of using technology to curate content to individually fit students' learning needs and the government's focus on delivering personalized learning at the doorstep is a step towards that. Increased focus on technical skills in ITIs will help promote the employability of students and further put India on the world map as the hub of engineering excellence. In addition to this, the opening of a digital university will not only improve access towards higher education learning in India, but it will also improve access of international students to Indian education."

Chitra Ravi - Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Chrysalis - India’s leading educational research and innovation organization:

"The pandemic has completely altered the way of learning and has increased the pace of digital adoption in the education sector. With improved digital infrastructure and the new initiatives introduced by the government such as the 'One class, one TV ‘, strengthening online education, quality education can now be possible. As Educators, we should realize Technology has opened up lots of possibilities to improve the quality of education. Tech can be used for the professional development of teachers and also get assessment insights from children. We can safely say that Technology has the potential to solve some of the traditional challenges and pandemic related challenges as well."

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Amit Ratanpal, Founder & MD, BLinC Invest – India-based Venture Capital firm committed to funding EdTech and FinTech startups focused on building a better tomorrow by harnessing the power of technology:

"With Budget 2022, the government has clearly taken a stride in the right direction to support inclusion of technology in the education and financial services sectors. With initiatives like digital DESH e-portal, digital university, digital currency, and credit extension to MSMEs coupled with ease of doing business, increasing the penetration of EdTech and FinTech products to the masses will be the key area of focus for the coming years. However, a closer alignment with the budget allocation as per the New Education Policy would have added significantly to the current momentum in the EdTech sector."

Karanvir Singh, Founder & CEO Pariksha – Vernacular EdTech Platform:

"Digital education became the familiar way of new-age learning following the lockdown. The new trend has been well accepted by the government as the way forward for upskilling, widening access to education, and strengthening the higher education system in the country. Additionally, the budget too circumscribed the fact that in a diverse nation like India, education can only be delivered by understanding the vernacular requirements of every region. The expansion of ‘One Class One TV Channel’ to provide supplementary education in regional languages for classes 1-12 will boost the early and secondary education in the country. And the proposed launch of the digital university will simultaneously cater to the requirements of higher education. Thus, the budget has served, end-to-end, to raise the education system in the country in a holistic manner."

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