What EdTech Founders, Ed Leaders & Investors Say About Union Budget for Education

Union Budget on education

Divya Tej Periera, Founder, Tutrrd – an online platform that connects students with teachers after school:

"It is very promising to see that education has found a prominent place in this year’s budget. The government's decision to introduce a digital university with an aim to provide quality e-content is definitely a forward-looking proposition aligned with improving learning and teaching methods during the second year of the pandemic. Also, the union budget's introduction to provide digital training for teachers while focusing on personalisation by using the hub and spoke method will definitely be a game-changer in the learning methods for students. This is a significant move for the edtech industry as it pushes it towards Edtech 3.0. With digital education being the core of the conversation this year, EdTechs that provide personalised learning to students to be better equipped will only help boost this vision that has been laid down in this budget. Additionally, the PM’s eVidya program which is set to provide supplementary education in regional languages will sure be instrumental in contributing towards the major government priority of inclusive development of the country’s education sector."

Prateek Bhargava, Founder & CEO of Mindler:

"One of the biggest highlights of the Union Budget 2022 is the announcement of establishing a Digital University which shall democratize access to world-class quality education for students in different languages. With hybrid learning models expected to be the future this is a great initiative by the government. Another major highlight was World-class foreign universities and institutions to be allowed in GIFT IFSC to offer courses on FinTech, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Allowing world class Universities to offer courses free from domestic regulations will be great for students as this would make such education more accessible and affordable.

The budget also recognized the need to impart supplementary teaching and build a recipient mechanism for education delivery.  To compensate for the pandemic-induced impact on education, a very promising move has come in to ensure the reach of needed coaching and guidance to the rural population via PM’s eVIDYA program in their regional languages. This will ultimately boost the content creation, adaptable mechanism for the students and will empower and equip teachers with digital tools of teaching to facilitate better learning outcomes, which is the need of the hour. The Union Budget 2022 also talks about the need to empower and equip teachers with digital tools of teaching to facilitate better learning outcomes, which is the need of the hour. Focus on promoting critical thinking skills and stimulated learning environment through virtual labs and skilling e-labs is also an excellent move."

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Vinay Sharma, CEO & Director – Convergia (S Chand Publishers):

"Budget really builds on the digital transition in education and takes measures to strengthen and broad base it. One key initiative is the creation of high-quality content which can be delivered through multiple means like mobile, cloud, TV, etc. along with professional development of teachers to equip them in using digital tools and pedagogies. This will help towards improving the quality of learning outcomes. Another significant initiative is a creation of a digital university which will deliver quality education to students across the country using remote delivery. This can help in bridging the skilling and knowledge gap because of limited physical infrastructures like universities and colleges."

Manoj Chawla, CBO, Tribyte Technologies – Bengaluru-based Future Ready Interactive Learning Platform:

"Digital ecosystem for skilling & livelihood (DESL) portal is an acknowledgment that online education can support the traditional learning pedagogies. Allocation towards Education has been increased to 1.42 Lakh crore. This is a significant change from previous years. The fine print may reveal investment in resource development, something which was much needed."

Dr. Atul Nischal, Founder - Director, International Council for School Leadership (ICSL):

"I am delighted that teacher training has become an investment priority in addition to building the educational e-infrastructure by developing quality content and creating channels for mass access. I wholeheartedly welcome the government’s commitment to digital learning as a solution to mend the pandemic-induced losses as well as achieve the goals of the NEP 2020. There are close to 1 crore school teachers in India who need to be supported with a minimum of 50 hours of quality professional development every year. Without the support of e-Learning it is impossible to achieve this scale. As a next step, the government should create provisions for not-for-profits, such as International Council for School Leadership, to play an active role in empowering and enabling teachers in India."

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