Need For Spoken English Classes For Kids & Key Players

Need For Spoken English Classes For Kids & Key Players

Being proficient in English opens many opportunities for young students and adults. It has become an essential skill that is a must for one to explore maximum opportunities.

Many parents are willing to help their children develop English mastery from the initial years of their formal education. While children may take some time to pick up the language and start speaking it, encouraging them to be on the journey and help them learn the skill is necessary.

Here are a few reasons supporting the need for spoken English classes for kids and a few players who can help you.

Confidence Building 

Schools today are teaching in ways that aren’t restricted to pen and paper. Collaboration is at the core of various activities kids learn through with evolved teaching and learning. When kids know a language accurately and know the related nuances of the language, they can communicate effectively, which helps them be confident in the long run. As kids excel at a language, they learn its vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and acquire language fluency over consistent practice and usage.

When kids learn and speak a language with accuracy, they become confident. Suppose children learn spoken English from their initial learning years. In that case, they will become proficient in the language as they grow up and reach the age where they have to be socially present and communicate with people for varied reasons and different spheres of life. The group activities and other exercises conducted in spoken English classes help kids be self-assured. Which, in turn, makes them more confident.

Enhances Social Skills

Social skills are essential to strive in the fast-changing world we lead. While schools are actively helping kids develop social skills by engaging them in various activities, effective communication is the foundation for social skills. When you can communicate your message, any information and understand the same from the others without any challenges, you become equipped with the key component of social skills, i.e. communication. The English language is the most spoken language around the world, and if we help kids get a grip on the language and help them become fluent with spoken English, we prepare them for the world and the opportunities it offers. Fluent spoken interaction is vital as technology in education requires kids to collaborate and talk to other kids from different cultures and countries. Kids must be prepared to act upon it without facing challenges in something as basic as communication when the opportunity comes. Kids improve their social skills, develop new skills and language fluency as they communicate with other kids from different cultures. Such practices also build kids’ confidence because they speak fluently and build vocabulary and accuracy.

Provides Access to Varied Resources and Information 

Learning both written and spoken English can help kids access varied learning resources across different subjects. With a plethora of varied resources like interactive games, puzzles, and videos, most of these are available in English or require the learner to know the language to access them. Online resources offer enormous benefits to kids. Online resources can also help kids work upon their vocabulary, access informative videos, engage with kids with the same interests and develop essential soft skills in the process. They can learn and explore new opportunities in the online space. As kids grow older, having command over fluent English can benefit them in presenting themselves confidently and tap on opportunities without hesitation.

Increases Cultural interaction 

To understand other cultures, participate in activities from different regions, be active in classrooms with kids from the international areas, kids must be able to speak English comfortably. The language fluency develops over time, but kids must feel comfortable, familiar, understand and communicate at ease in English. If kids were to study or participate with kids in international schools, they must feel prepared to take up that opportunity and being fluent in English would add to their confidence, making them feel prepared. Being unable to speak in English should not refrain them from doing what they want to do; hence, kids must learn to speak English right from their initial education years.  

A Few Platform Providing Spoken English Classes You Must Check Out

iNSTRUCKO is one of the first few companies to introduce one-to-one language learning using storytelling methods. The platform offers English learning and speaking courses for kids aged 3-12 years old and the 13-18 age group. The platform uses interactive digital content to engage learners with creative stories that’ll help the child develop proficient English speaking skills as they learn from the experts in the field.

PlanetSpark is one of the top platforms to offer online language learning classes. Kids from grades K-8 can benefit from the platform. Live lessons on English communication, public speaking, grammar, and other English skills are available. The platform uses gamification to engage young learners through mobile-based games, activity boxes, educational cartoons and more. The platform also offers a free video-centric language learning platform, “PlanetSpark TV”. Every evening, users can claim free live classes.

fREADom offers comprehensive English learning opportunities for children aged 3-12. the platform aims to strengthen English reading, speaking, and conversation skills and goes leaps beyond conventional textbook learning. As per the platform, their content and teaching methodology led to a 30% improvement in the academic performance of hundreds of primary schoolers and improved their confidence.

WhizKids created OckyPocky. It’s an excellent interactive English learning app for kids. OckyPocky assists children with their English learning needs using Artificial Intelligence/Natural Learning Processing behind the screens. It specifically caters to non-English speaking users with its vernacular content. The platform helps children develop creativity and logical reasoning besides English skills. 

Multibhashi is a language learning platform. It is known for a range of language learning courses varying from Indian regional languages to international languages. The platform focuses on all aspects of language learning, i.e. comprehension, written, and spoken. The platform offers a course designed to address spoken English skills. The course aims to help children develop a conversational grip on the language and equip them with skills fluent enough to use the language easily as and when they want to. Children learn from the native speakers of the language which allows them to develop the skills organically and makes learning more authentic. Kids also get a certificate upon completing the course. At the end of the course, children would be able to speak and understand Basic English and understand the basic written communication.

Kutuki specifically addresses the language learning needs of preschool kids. This learning app uses the art of storytelling and a song-based curriculum to engage the little ones and help them learn effectively. Kutuki revolves around a story of 3 adorable characters. The kids using the app slowly grow closer to the characters, and they become their learning companions in no time. The app takes kids on an English-learning journey across India with a unique picture book approach. The app is ideal for helping kids learn English Letter sounds through Phonics and Alphabet Tracing/ Handwriting.

ELSA, English Language Speech Assistant, offers thorough assistance to users, helping them improve their English pronunciation. The tool uses artificial intelligence technology, which was developed using voice data of people with various English-speaking accents. This allows the tool to recognize users' speech patterns from different regions, native or non-native, and helps them improve English speaking and acing the language's pronunciation. 

Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning platforms. The platform offers bite-sized game-like learning lessons ideal for anyone keen to ace language skills. The lessons on the platform are effective in helping learners improve their reading, listening, and speaking skills. Using AI and the best of language science, the platform offers students a personalised learning experience, ensuring their learning goals are met. 

Preply offers full control to learners and allows them to find a tutor depending on their availability, tutors background in the language, i.e. native speaker or not, the expertise level, or any other specialties of the language such as Conversational English or English for Travelling or beginners and more. The ease to filter out tutors based on the learning needs and availability customize the user's learning experience. A popular platform for language learning, Preply offers English learning for kids and specific purposes. The platform focuses on personalized learning and introduces you to an educator as per your inputs. Hence, you can focus on any particular skill you want to excel in, be it speaking, writing, conversational, or reading.    

Plufo is an online learning school for kids. The platform offers varied online courses for kids. The features that make the platform a fit for the kids are small batch sizes, collaborative learning, teamwork, personalized learning, and flexibility. The platform offers courses for preschoolers to grade 8 students, and you will find a relevant course that will help kids work on their English skills among the course on public speaking or the course on English learning. 

Cambly is an English learning platform where users can find a tutor based on their learning needs. Its extension, Cambly Kids allows learners to ace the language skills they learn from a native speaker. The platform offers 1-on-1 lessons ensuring that the child gets the maximum speaking time helping to develop fluency in spoken English.

Hello English is an English learning platform that offers English learning from vernacular. The platform supports over 20 languages allowing you to learn English from Bangladeshi, Gujrati, or any other regional language. The platform provides its kid's extension, HelloLearner promises one-on-one live coaching with field experts and 100% personalized attention. The course content is structured in-house by pedagogy experts, ensuring age-appropriate learning content and methodology.

VOA Learning English provides varied learning resources like stories, lessons, and news in English. Non-native speakers can use these resources to practice and work on their English skills. The app tool uses easy vocabulary, and the speakers speak slowly, making it easier for the listener to understand and learn from listening. To practice speaking, the app features control over the audio's speed, allowing users to repeat difficult sections. By doing so, users can listen carefully and practice what they hear. 

Speaklar offers the convenience of live speaking practice. Users can easily call someone on the platform and practice their speaking skills. The feature that will benefit learners is that the tool allows the user to choose speaking partners based on their level, including verified (proven) English speakers.

EnglishTalk offers hands-on learning opportunities and helps students work on their spoken English through real-time practice. Users on the app can join live chat rooms and talk to real people improving their conversational skills. The nature of the tool makes it suitable for older students and may require guardians' supervision. For safety, the app offers only audio chat options. 

SpeakingPal is a simple tool that offers English learning lessons. The lessons are in the form of video recordings, where the subject in the video talks to you. As they speak, you get the option to read what they say from the subtitles. The text below also shows the response you have to give via microphone. This two-way communication practice eventually helps you improve your English through a consistent approach. The tool also evaluates your speaking abilities and gives you a list of words and phrases that need more training. The video recording focus on real-life topics and situations. 

FluentU is one of the best tools to learn native-sounding English. The tool uses real-world videos like music videos and turns them into language learning lessons. Every video lesson has interactive subtitles. Users can easily tap any word, and the app will give you complete information, including the meaning and native pronunciation. This allows users to practice pronunciation of every word they struggle with and better grasp their spoken English skills. 

Have we missed any tools you use? Share with us in the comment section below!

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