Over 90% Achieve Their Learning Objectives Post Upskilling with Simplilearn: Simplilearn’s Career Impact Survey

Simplilearn’s Career Impact Survey

Simplilearn, the leading online bootcamp for digital economy skills training, has announced the results of its latest career impact survey stating that 9/10 of learners on its platform are achieving their learning objectives upon successful completion of the program.

Simplilearn conducted this survey with learners across the globe measuring the impact of the training post completing their Masters and Post Graduate programs across 35 courses. EY has been appointed to perform certain agreed-upon procedures to validate management’s computation of the survey results.

Some of the key highlights from the survey include:

  • 92 percent of the learners have benefitted by achieving a salary hike, promotion, or a new job among other learning objectives such as adding new skills, change in roles within the organisation, and so on.
  • Upskilling programs that have given maximum impact to the learners post completion of the program are Data Science, Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing.

Commenting on the survey results, Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO, Simplilearn, said,

“We have always been an outcome-driven platform and the fruit of our hard work is visible through the professional success of our candidates. We are happy to see that our survey further validates the same. This is a testament to our commitment to building an efficient future-ready workforce for the ever-changing industry landscape. We, at Simplilearn, believe in creating professionals who are job-ready, highly skilled, and equipped with the right knowledge. We constantly invest and innovate in building high-standard products and aim to impact careers positively. This moment brings us joy and powers us further in our global upskilling efforts.”

Simplilearn conducts more than 3,000 live classes, with an average of 70,000 learners who together spend more than 500,000 hours each month on the platform. Programs offered by Simplilearn give learners the opportunity to upskill and get certified in popular domains.

In addition to the digital economy upskilling program, Simplilearn also offers SkillUp, a free learning platform to help individuals get started and chart their path to success in today's competitive work environment. Through this, learners across the globe have free access to over 1,200 hours of learning and tech-skilling programs covering over 360 in-demand skills.

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