Faculty Guide to Online Teaching

New to online teaching?

You're currently a faculty member teaching at college or university level.

You've heard a lot about online learning and are interested in developing your own online course. But you have no prior experience of online teaching and have little idea where to start.

If this is you - then this course is where you should start! It will save you an enormous amount of time to have the right foundations.

Creating your own online course and getting started in teaching online is not as hard as you might think. Sure, you can spend significant amounts of money hiring a team of instructional designers to build snazzy looking e-learning courseware, but that isn't really necessary in most cases.

Designed by a team of faculty members with over a decade of experience in online education, this course shares with you the essentials of what it takes to be an effective online educator.

Combining relevant theory and professional practice, we take you through the following steps:

  1. Learning theory - how people learn
  2. Learning design - how to design your online course
  3. Learning tools and technology - selecting the right tools for online learning
  4. Online facilitation and interaction - getting learners to interact
  5. Online assessment - evaluating what learners have learned
  6. Academic integrity - what you should know about cheating

This course will provide you with the basics, and the confidence, to start developing your own online courses and begin the journey to becoming an effective online educator.

More details about the course here.

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